So There’s This Book

It’s about a dog, but not just about a dog.

Really, it’s about life. And how dogs wriggle their way in and out and make a house a home. They are the children that never grow up. Never decide that their parents are totally lame. Never strike out on their own. They give us their lives. Every single day. They give us every ounce of devotion and quirk. And they give us this in far too little time. We need more years than they do to express our love and devotion.

And more than that again. Buy the book. You’ll understand. That link helps support this blog.

If you aren’t convinced, go read the archives over and Brigid’s place and buy it straight from her. I’m proud to call her a friend.

Best Thrift Store Find Ever

You know, I’ve made some¬†pretty great thrift store finds, but my brother made the best one. And seeing as how there’s a no return policy, he married her yesterday. I even polished up my horns for the occasion. It’s not every day a girl gets a new sister, you know.

Congratulations, big brother. Here’s to many happy years!

The Grey Man

It’s real! OldNFO wrote a book. And that means you, yes you, need to read a book. I have a copy before it was a real book so I’ll be treating myself to my very own dead tree version. You should too. (Psst-that’s my affiliate link. Go to OldNFO’s post for his.¬†Also with links to Kindle and Nook versions.)


What are you waiting for? You could have this


Picture stolen from OldNFO

on your coffee table. You can even have it signed (visit NFO’s place for details).

Me? I’m not going to wait to have it signed. I’m just going to make sure I have it with me next time I see him in real life so he can roll his eyes and tell me I’m a brat in person.

Sharing The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I get to do something different this year. No flowers, although a co-worker got a beautiful bouquet

I told Michael years ago that I find flowers to be an unnecessary expense and didn’t really want to have them delivered. When we were dating, he tried giving me a few live plants, which I promptly killed because I am a bad plant caretaker.

No, this year, I’ve donned a giant* yellow shirt and I’m going with several co-workers this afternoon to mentor kids at the local Boys & Girls Club. Sharing the love

I hear there is a music and drama room. Should be good times.

*It’s an XL. I’m…er…not.

D’oh! This was sitting in my drafts folder! I meant to publish it on Friday. Sorry all.

Busy Busy Busy

Because I’m moving from here

To here

And I’m very excited. Definitely going to need to bring in some color, though.