Incredibly Girlie Squeeeeeel Moment!

I got to do something every girl would love to do today. You know what it is? Well I did get kissed by a stud with good breeding, but that’s not what I am referring to. I got to play with a newborn premature filly today. She was only 28 hours old and born 34 days early.

Every girl love horses, and the babies are so deliciously adorable. I just want to hug them all. I’m really lucky. One of my good friends and co-workers is Julie Allard of Allard’s Horse Haven so when each year’s foal crop is born I get to go and see them. (If you go and buy a horse from her, tell her that I sent you.) They are so insanely cute. If I could take them home and snuggle them in my tiny living room, I totally would. Unfortunately my postage stamp sized back yard isn’t really big enough to take one of these precious babies home with me. But I won’t live here forever.

I know you are just dying to see the new baby, so here she is!

1 day old filly 3

Click on the picture for a bigger image.

The previously mentioned stud was horse. Beautiful buckskin named Two Joe. I don’t have his picture, but will try and get it from Julie.