Break Room Conversations

We had our office health screening this morning. Yep, I’m healthy, but they say I’m eating too much animal fat. Psshaw, I say. My TC/HDL ratio is 2.2 and my BMI is optimal.

Anyway, this brings us to lunch time. I head on over to the break area to warm up my noodles and the new guy is sitting at the table. I should mention that the new guy’s last job was as a machine gunner in the US Marines. We’ll call him Lorenzo because, well, that’s his name.

Me: Hey Lorenzo, how’s it going?

Lorenzo: Still hanging in there. Finger’s still kind of sore from earlier.

Me: Ah but you’re going to make it, right?

L: Oh yeah. I like to think I’m pretty tough

Me: *laughing* Well they always tell me I’m eating too much bacon

L: Of course, because bacon.

Me: I know! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love vegetarians. Almost everything I eat is a vegetarian.

L: You know, you’ve got a point there. Hadn’t thought about that.

Me: Except for the Ramen. I don’t think there’s anyplace you can hunt the wild and majestic Ramen

L: *snort*

Has This Ever Happened to You?

So, you’re doing a thing and it turns out that the material you were given are not really what you need to do said thing. Thing must be done, so you commit to redoing the materials.

And then when the person in charge of this project calls you on the phone and you vent a bit about what is wrong with the provided materials and then your mouth keeps going and you kind of volunteer to do more of this thing in phase two?

Sigh. My laptop will be here next week. You may find content here a bit scarce for a while.

Nothing Really Rhymes with Orange

Oh orange! I would write an ode in your honor were you not so aloof in alliteration, cruel in computation, vexed by verse.

You are the abusive lover always promising that you’ve changed. “It’ll be different this time, baby!” Your succulent sweetness disguising your lies.

But alas, our love was ill-fated from the start. I should have known that you’d never truly reform in spite of so many years of peace.

Some part of me will always love you, but I can’t let you hurt me anymore. The temptations of your flesh may be great, but I must be strong.

Farewell fine fruit!

-Yes, I took a bite of an orange yesterday. I know better. If only I’d been programmed with an allergy to lima beans instead. One. Stupid. Bite. It seems the absence of orange in my life has only served to increase the sensitivity. Oh well. At least I’m not allergic to bacon.

Super BitCon: Cosplayers!

As my darling husband has mentioned, we’ve been dusting off the old video game consoles and blowing out the cartridges with TeenBot. The family that stomps enemies together, stays together, right?

Anyway. So we found ourselves at the local fairgrounds this weekend, not for the fun show, but for the inaugural Super BitCon. Yes, there was geeking (so much so that I made a verb). And cosplayers! I’m no EpBot, but I did capture a few for your enjoyment.


Can’t go wrong with the classics. Although, I have to admit to being partial to the next one.


Happiest Mario ever. He was so excited when I asked him if I could take his picture that he almost forgot his hat. His sister, on the other hand


Jumped right up on the planter and gave me her fierce face.


Some of the vendors got in on the costume fun.


I don’t know who these two are supposed to be, but they are adorable. Feel free to educate me in the comments.



This guy just really wants to fit in. (You see what I did there?)

Really though, this last kid stole the show. He’s my absolute favorite.


I give you the winner of the cosplay contest!


Just look at the proud dad! Proof positive that geek is inherited. (We actually represented 3 generations at the Con. My dad came along for the fun.)

ETA: Here’s EvylRobot with the rest of the Cheetahman story.

They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Our love? Really? You mean, not by our cruelty towards those we believe to be sinners?


So, who looks more like a Christian

Even after being targeted directly

And upon learning of his passing.

Funny, I first heard of the imminent demise of Fred Phelps from George Takei’s post. And I was touched. Honestly moved by the grace and mercy. I will humbly admit that had I heard it without his commentary, my reaction would have been far more along the lines of ‘good riddance’ and ‘hope it hurts’. Not especially Christian of me.

Even still, I think the world just became a better place for having lost that much hatred. It is hard for me to hope that God has mercy on his soul. I don’t want him to experience mercy! I want judgment! Hell-fire and brimstone! But that is my own failing and weakness talking. My lack of understanding. Only God knows a man’s heart.

As much as I hate the bracelets, when I ask ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, I believe that he’d act a lot like George Takei here. He would recognize the sin and show grace and mercy to the sinner.

I Married a Redhead and Lost My Irish Name

Okay, so it was never Irish in the first place, but I’m certain when my teachers read through the rolls and found Jennifer Lynn Oclaray listed, they not only pondered the missing apostrophe, but they didn’t exactly expect the olive-skinned girl in the front row to answer to it. Or, at least the typically butchered pronunciation of it. (Oh-Clair-eee, if you’re curious.) And no, it does not include an apostrophe.

It’s not Irish; it’s Filipino, sort of. It’s at least what used to happen to immigrants names when they were imported. The intent was some melting pot blending effect, but I’m sure it wound up causing more than a little confusion in some cases. Like maybe in the case of a multi-lingual Pacific Islander with a decidedly diverse name*. Who also fell for a redhead, so I suppose I come by it honestly.

The rest of the heritage? Mutt. Fairly standard euro blend, good chunk of which is German (I look just like my mother if you can get past the fact that she’s a blue-eyed blond). I’m sure there’s some Irish in there somewhere, in spite of the lost non-Irish yet Irish sounding name.


All that is really just to say Sláinte! To all my Irish, Irish-ish, and fake Irish friends and other internet denizens. And please, drink a real beer, not that swill with the green dye. Don’t worry, I’m not pinching.

*My grandfather, specifically

Oklahoma Aquarium Trip March 2014

Edit: Well that didn’t work too well. Sorry if you saw the gibberish

Took a school trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium last Friday. Thought I’d share some of my pictures with all of you.

We had a Starfish just letting it all hang out.

And just for Tam since she provided the nightmare fuel. I know, that’s a moray.

A lionfish.

Gasp! I just showed you a beaver!

All the colors!

And what trip to the aquarium would be complete without cookbooks for all the things you just saw!

You can see the rest here.