Has This Ever Happened to You?

So, you’re doing a thing and it turns out that the material you were given are not really what you need to do said thing. Thing must be done, so you commit to redoing the materials.

And then when the person in charge of this project calls you on the phone and you vent a bit about what is wrong with the provided materials and then your mouth keeps going and you kind of volunteer to do more of this thing in phase two?

Sigh. My laptop will be here next week. You may find content here a bit scarce for a while.

The Grey Man

It’s real! OldNFO wrote a book. And that means you, yes you, need to read a book. I have a copy before it was a real book so I’ll be treating myself to my very own dead tree version. You should too. (Psst-that’s my affiliate link. Go to OldNFO’s post for his. Also with links to Kindle and Nook versions.)


What are you waiting for? You could have this


Picture stolen from OldNFO

on your coffee table. You can even have it signed (visit NFO’s place for details).

Me? I’m not going to wait to have it signed. I’m just going to make sure I have it with me next time I see him in real life so he can roll his eyes and tell me I’m a brat in person.

I Had Content Today

Or, at least a blog post rolling around in my head rapidly congealing into something coherent.

And then I saw this




Come back later. Seeing reporter get whacked by snow plow wake has to get old eventually. Right?

Oh who am I talking to? You aren’t even here anymore. You’re over at Dustbury’s place giggling maniacally.

Can We Just Pretend

that I wrote something brilliant, insightful, entertaining, and perhaps even thought-provoking here?

You laughed. You cried. You shared it with all your friends. It changed your life, and now there is a unicorn on your porch widely reported to be carrying a basket of hog eggs. Please, discuss in the comments.

A Sling Rated for German Shepherds?

No, I’m not suggesting you sling a German Shepherd around. Although having a German Shepherd at the ready could come in handy, that would be awkward and uncomfortable for both you and the dog. Besides, most German Shepherds are pretty good at providing their own locomotion.

I’m talking about a rifle sling that’s been torture tested by German Shepherds. Go check it out over at Erin’s place.

I’ve not handled an Echo Sling personally, but Matt is a great guy and has been generous with his handiwork. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Because who doesn’t want to be tactical and fabulous. (Says the girl that bought nail polish to match her handgun.)