Sunday, Puppy Sunday

Yeah, totally stealing Phlegmfatale‘s schtick, but who could possibly resist that face?


Besides, this was the divine Ms. Phlegmmy’s couch. I can prove it. Here’s Heidi chillin’ with one of the regular Sunday, Puppy Sunday Stars, the one-and-only Praline


There exists a picture of all the dogs of the house, but since I’m obviously getting “the look” from the Alpha Dog Himself, I think I best keep that one to myself.

This Pit Bull Should Die

Yes, this one.

via Daily Mail
via Daily Mail

This one should not.

from 2011

The first dog pictured is Mickey. Mickey is a poorly socialized, aggressive, violent dog. He also has a petition signed by over 44,000 attempting to stop him from being put to sleep.

The second dog is Taz who has no need for a legal defense team because he’s never mauled a 4 year old child. Or any child for that matter. Taz is well socialized and well adjusted. He’s my brother’s dog.

Both are pit bulls. That’s all they have in common.

Personally, I would not have a large breed in my home at this time. Yes, I recognize that many of them are wonderful dogs. I love Taz and always enjoy my time around him. But having a dog that is physically capable of inflicting serious injury requires more work than I am willing to take on at this time. Anyone wanting to share their lives with one of these animals needs to understand the responsibility they are taking on. I do not currently have the resources.

Unfortunately, not being able to handle a dog like this does not keep some people from taking them on. Taz is stronger than I am. The only reason I can control him is because he knows that he is a dog and thus of lesser rank than humans. He could overpower me if he ever got it into his head to do so. If he ‘snapped’ and attacked me, I would have no choice other than to shoot him.Thankfully, he is so well behaved that there is very little risk of that.

Mickey, on the other hand, needs to die.

I don’t really subscribe to the idea of a ‘bad’ dog. Dogs do not act with malice. He was just being a dog and protecting his food. His owner really is the ‘bad’ one. The owner is the one that failed here, along with the other adults that did not keep Kevin out of radius of the chain. Unfortunately, Mickey will have to pay the price for the failure. Once dogs exhibit this kind of aggression, the chances of rehabilitation are slim to none. It’s not Mickey’s fault, but Mickey already believes that mauling a child is an appropriate thing to do. There are plenty of dogs in need of homes that do not have a history of violence.

It says something truly terrible about our society when 44,000 take the dog’s side over the child. They’ve forgotten that human life is more valuable than that of this animal. They’ve donated money to Mickey’s legal defense rather than to the Kevin’s medical fund. It’s sick.

There should be no debate here. Euthanize Mickey.

Obviously, I am not anti-pit. That’s my kid laying on top of Taz in that second picture. Pit bulls and other powerfully built dogs can be wonderful pets, but they come with a very serious responsibility. I will have another one someday when I have the appropriate resources. I miss having a rottweiler around.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Understand that when you bring one into your home, you become their pack. You must be the alpha of that pack, no exceptions. Your expectations must be clear to your dog or your dog will be ill-mannered, unhappy, and potentially dangerous. This goes for the little ones too. Understand that your dog will behave as it was bred to behave in many ways. It is your responsibility to channel their instincts in a positive direction.

(h/t Matt Walsh-Yikes! That comment section!)

Solemn Duty

Brigid had to make the hard decision and repay the great debt on an animal’s love. RIP Barkley. Thoughts and prayers to my friend on the loss of hers.

It seems so very unfair that their time is so short. These creatures that share our lives. No, they aren’t our kids, they are our pets. The love is different, but it is most certainly real. Loving an animal makes us better humans. The world would be a better place if we all aspired to be the people our dogs think we are. (Which is far more flattering than who our teenagers think we are.)

We do our best to care for them in the time we have with them. They give us everything they have in return. Their love for us is pure and unconditional.

To Brigid,

Thank you for sharing Barkley with all of us. Know that he is loved by many, and many tears are shed for his loss. From what I know of you, you really are Barkley’s vision of you.

Your Pets Are Not Kids

I know, you love your dogs and cats. I do too. I stress and worry and get paranoid over the littlest things. I buy expensive dog food. The dog eats cat poop and sticks from the yard. Which I guess is alright because I also buy expensive cat food so I suppose she at least gets gourmet cat poop.

I get it, really. They are lumps of love that pull at your heartstrings and ask for so very little in return. They give you their whole lives. I even refer to myself as “Mama” in reference to my critters. My mother refers to herself as Heidi’s “gramma”.

And that’s fine. Cute even.

But understand that having pets is not the same as having kids.

The expectations are completely different. I expect my cat to want to cuddle up in my lap for his entire life. He will spend the rest of his days completely dependent on me. He will never become more than he is today. He doesn’t have to learn the hard lessons so he can make it on his own. The repercussions of his bad decisions consist of getting yelled at. I don’t need to instill a work ethic or worry about a college education for the cat.

Also, if I locked my kid in a box while I was away at work, I’d get arrested. Rightfully so.

It’s been a long time since my son wanted to cuddle with his mom. And that’s good thing. You see, as a parent, my goal is to work myself out of a job. One day, my son will be an autonomous adult. That is, if I’m doing my job correctly.

As parents, sometimes we have to make gut-wrenching decisions. We have to take away the one big thing that is our child’s whole world. It really does hurt us more than it hurts them even though they won’t realize it until years later. It would hurt our children far more in the long run if we didn’t teach them those lessons now.

The dog? She’ll keep chasing toads no matter how often I scold her. She’ll roll in the nastiest thing in the yard and continue to be so very proud of it.

Be a pet parent. Be proud of it. Just don’t try to tell me it’s just like having kids.


Pet Project

Behold! I bring you the cute!
major-300x209Just look at that face.


This lovely girl is currently residing with our friends, the Atomic Nerds. As you saw from the link that I know you clicked on, she’s got some special needs. Enter everyone’s favorite sucker, our dear Farm Girl.

She has stepped up to be caregiver for this precious Akita. She’s got the will, the skills, and the space, but is a bit tight on the funds.

Don’t make me show you the face again!

Every little bit really does help, and you can give here.


I did it. I showed you THAT FACE again. Go on, click the pic.

There are a lot of people out here on the interwebs. If everyone just threw a couple bucks in the hat, it would make a big difference.

ETA: Farm Girl tells me in the comments below that a home may have been found for Major! Donations will still go towards her care. Just wanted to update for anyone reading in a reader without clicking into the comments.


Who Might I Be Visiting?


I have a road tripping puppy


And fabulous shoes. Bet you can guess.

Note: Actually, we’re home now.  Was a lovely trip, and I have lots of puppy pics to share.

I Was Going To…

pull pictures off my camera, edit, and get you some content.  And oh what pictures I have! I have yet to finish writing up the after action report for Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Schutenfest and Phlegmfest and National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day and…

I was going to try and make a dent in the backlog when I got home yesterday.

But I didn’t. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, the adorable girl from down the street rode up on her bike.  She was just so excited that she had to talk to someone.  She was waiting for another neighbor to get home so she could see the puppies. I could certainly spare a minute to share in her excitement.

Well then it came up that she hadn’t met Heidi.  What kind of person would I be if I hadn’t indulged the cute little girl with a visit with a cute little dog? Barely human, that’s what kind. So out came the dog. Who promptly pooped in the neighbor’s yard.  As they do.

Once girl and dog were properly acquainted, the other neighbor got home so she dashed off to see puppies. I called Heidi, and we headed to the door.

And that’s when a Nerf wielding TeenBot wandered into the yard tailed by a neighbor boy. Heidi went all ZOMGKIDS! Which attracted the attention of yet another neighbor boy. I think  Heidi’s belly was raw from all the scratches.  She was in heaven.

And then I blinked and all three boys were in the tree. You know the tree.  The one shedding limbs.

So I parked myself on the front porch and watched them climb. I did instruct them not to plummet to their death/brokenness in my front yard. That’s not a fun conversation to have with their parents and would leave such a mess.

They challenged each other to see who could climb the highest until their parents called them home for dinner. They may have been sporting a couple of new bruises and scrapes but nothing serious. Those are just proof your doing that childhood thing right.

Oh my! Dinner time. How’d that happen? Not to worry, the Evylrobot had dinner under control.

And I bathed over 50 pounds of feline. The neighbors probably assumed I was filleting them for dinner with all the noise they made.  Siamese.  Need I say more? Yes, there is video.

There was no blood lost, but the t-shirt is a goner.