Achy Breaky Lament

How Billy Ray Cyrus should have reacted

Now you’ve shown the world what happened to my girl

You’ve torn off your clothes on MTV

Now I can’t face my friends. Oh what a fool I’ve been.

Whatever happened to my little Miley


I put you on the stage when you were underage

Sold your childhood out to Disney

I should have been a dad, instead I let you be a fad

Now look what you’ve grown up to be.


My daughter’s a tart, I didn’t do my part.

I just didn’t teach her any class

And now that’s she’s a tart, It really breaks my heart

If only I had spanked her little ass


I really wasn’t going to comment. But then my brain ran off on it’s own tangent and this happened. Feel free to add verses in the comments.

Here We Go

You better watch out

You better make noise

Better not pout

Before she destroys

Diane Feinstein’s coming for your guns

She’s made her list.

She’s checking it twice.

Defined as naughty what used to be nice.

Diane Feinstein’s coming for your guns

She sees you when your loading

Each cartridge over ten

Doesn’t care if you’ve been bad or good

Get ready for this again!

O! You better watch out!

Hang onto that cake

Better not pout

Your freedom’s at stake

Diane Feinstein’s coming for your guns!

Diane Feinstein’s coming for your guns!

Yes, I know there’s no chance of her getting her wish list, but she’s drawn her line.  Next she’ll compromise, asking for just a bit more of that cake if she gives up on this or that.  She’s just built her fence 100 yards onto your property; she’ll compromise by moving it back 50.

Like Robb keeps saying-Call, Write, Show up.

This is the something I was talking about here and read so eloquently by Rev Kenn Blanchard on his podcast. They’ve put on the Emperor’s New Clothes touting them as the mantle of safety for the children. It’s a transparent ploy to dupe the masses and gain more power and control.

Call, Write, Show up.

Do it again.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.



Christmas Shopping Song

Fights over TVs and pepper sprayed shoppers
Tasing and beating that involves the coppers
Careless armed muggers are caught up with rings
These are a few of the Black Friday things

Trampled bystanders and tent pitching crazies
Scoring a good deal or pushing up daisies
Wild shots that fly from revolvers that sting
These are a few of the Black Friday things

Toys wrapped in plastic and high end electronics
Bundled up journalists and press histrionics
Over-priced products that came from Beijing
These are a few of the Black Friday things

I’ll just click here
Type a number
Got that gift for Mom
Amazon ships me my favorite things
And that’s why I shop dot com

Obligatory Weiner Post

So I have thus far refrained from comment on the cocky idiot in the news.  But why?  I certainly don’t hold him in any high regard.

No, it’s because I absolutely cannot comment on this story without making jokes like a fourth grade boy.

It really shouldn’t be so hard not to sink to snickering puns while his career peters out.  

I mean, surely I can keep the dialog from going below the belt. 

He’s just the latest dick to pull out of the whore house otherwise known as Congress.

He was just screwing around anyway.

And now we sing!

Oh I’m glad we’re rid US Congressman Weiner!

His pulling out is quite the sight to see!

Say goodbye now to US Congressman Weiner!

Now Boehner can just stick it to Pelosi!

*And I have just induced the need for brain bleach on myself.  The things I do for you people.



Ceilings, Nothing More Than Ceilings

Ceilings, nothing more than ceilings,
Trying to forget my ceilings of debt.
Ratings rolling down on my face,
Trying to forget my ceilings of debt.

Ceilings, for all my life I’ll feel it.
I wish I’d never hit you now; you’ll never drop again.

Ceilings, wo-o-o ceilings,
Wo-o-o, see you again in the news.

Ceilings, Ceilings like I’ve never raised you
And ceilings like I’ll never have you again on the chart.

Ceilings, for all my life I’ll feel it.
I wish I’d never hit you now; you’ll never drop again.

Ceilings, ceilings like I’ve never raised you
And ceilings like we’ll never be able to pay off in my life.

Ceilings, wo-o-o ceilings,
Wo-o-o, ceilings again in the news.

Ceilings, wo-o-o ceilings,
Wo-o-o, ceilings again in the news.

Twisted Carols

So a few of the gun bloggers decided to re-write some holiday classics. And I decided to sing them.

Oh yes I did. Remember, I’m a professional.

First up, Tam and Bobbi’s re-write of The Christmas Song

Michael joined me for Rudolph the Tasty Reindeer. Mostly my re-write with some GBC help.

And finally, Jay’s 12 Days of Gunnie Christmas.

Yep, I skipped day 6 altogether and then totally flubbed 12. 3rd take. Sorry, I wasn’t doing it again. That one is freaking long!

Rudolph Sing-A-Long

Oh the things that break out in the GunBloggerConspiracy.  This was in response to this post.

<JayG>: heh
<JayG>: Rudolph jerky

<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Had very tasty backstrap
<InJennifersHead>: and if you ever smoked it. You would stand up and clap
Salamander>: All of the other reindeers want to be a tasty snack.
<InJennifersHead>: They want to be like Rudolph. Served with a side of Jack
<InJennifersHead>: Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa Came to say
<JayG>: and if you ever cured it, you would even say it wasn’t crap
<JayG>: (okay, that was bad)
<JayG>: Yours is much better
<Salamander>: hehe
<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph with your spices right! Won’t you be my dish tonight
Salamander breaks out in thunderous applause.
<InJennifersHead>: then how the children loved him. As the shouted out more please <InJennifersHead>: Yippee!
<Salamander>: Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, may I have seconds, please?
<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph the slow smoked Reindeer. You’ll go great with this swiss cheese!!!

Couldn’t be outdone by Jay and his 12 Days of Gunnie Christmas after all.

Pants On Fire!

Literally.  I’m sure you’ve all heard about how the system worked by letting a Nigerian jihadi on a plane with explosives in his underwear.  Of course, Nappy really said the system was made of fail.  Of course, to fix it, they plan to add more fail.

So apparently writing emails to give away some dead business man’s money to a far off American contact didn’t really pan out.  And so he went on to the next logical thing.  Blowing up a plane by lighting his underwear on fire.  Because that’s exactly how he wants to meet his promised virgins.  And so we sing again.

Abdulmutallab’s Nuts Roasting on an airplane fire
Passengers stamping out the flames
Dutchman’s bare hands putting out the blaze
Terrorist being stripped down on the plane

Everybody knows the system is just theater
Helps to make the trip a pain
Tiny tots with bottles in ziplocs
will find it hard to bomb the plane

They know Al Qaeda’s on their way
He’s bringing lots of ‘xplody jihadis for the day
And every traveler that’s gonna fly
Will see if DHS really knows how to spy

And so, I’m offering this simple plan
To all who are charged to keep us safe
Although it’s been said, many times, many ways
Shoot jihadis center mass.