Remember That 2009 Challenge?

Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too.  I kept working out (mostly).  I just didn’t measure or weigh in.  Guess I just got tired of seeing the same numbers every week.  I bore easily.

And then I stepped on the scale yesterday morning.


Whoa!  When did that happen? That’s only 2 pounds away from my original goal.  Huh? Suppose I should take measurements and see what happened there too.

I mean, that’s pretty cool and all, but I really wish I had kept up with tracking it.  Oh well.

And according to some internet BMI calculator, I’m healthy at 21.0.

So, for reference on many of those pictures on TheHolsterSite, most of them are me.  I’m 5’4″, 122lbs and I can hide a 5″ 1911.

Week 12 Update!

The much anticipated update!  I actually did all the measurements last week but never posted them.  Sorry!

I was so proud too.  I had lost a pound and half an inch in my waist.


This week, I gained the half inch back as well as the pound which decided to bring a buddy to apparently hang out in my butt.  Can I claim that the half inch I gained around my hips weighs the extra pound?  Of course, what can you expect when I am married to the man that makes bacon explosion meatloaf?

Here’s this week’s fitness tip:  One simple way to increase the intensity of your workout is to switch your workout entertainment from syndicated NCIS to Rob Zombie: American Made Music to Strip By.  But don’t strip in your corporate gym. You could lose the respect of your co-workers.

And the part you’ve all been waiting for, the updated spreadsheet:

Week 9ish/10ish update

Ok, I skipped week nine, but I was one week ahead anyway.  I’m apparently stuck, but point it out to me this week and I may have your cranium for lunch.

But hey, good pills that let me only have that week 4 times a year.  Sorry for that.  The water retention makes me feel like a pissed off manatee.

So, here’s the latest results.

Michael and Instinct are both making progress. Honestly, I’m not unhappy with my apparent plateau. Hell, if I can hold those numbers while retaining the city water supply, that bodes well for next week.

Aaand the Update

Exciting right?

Okay, maybe not so much.

So apparently I’ve hit a wall.  I’m happier all the time with what I’m seeing in the mirror, but the numbers are not reflecting that.  Ah well.  I’m bringing up the intensity of my workouts  I really want to shed that last inch in my waist.  The rest is fine though.

Hubby is apparently appreciative.  He’s groping my ass while I type.  Maybe I should close this entry and go to bed.

2009 Challenge: Week 6 and 7

So I spaced it and forgot to post an update last week.  Not that it matters.  Numbers are unchanged.

Ah well.

My spreadsheet is getting wide. I think I’m going to start hiding some of the earlier columns.

2009 Challenge: Week 5

Well I gained one pound back after the flu.  Meh.  I did lose half an inch around my waist.  Hips, well they seem to be pretty happy at 38.

Michael didn’t lose weight this week.  Fabulous, since his goal goes in the opposite direction.

Instinct went and lost 2 pounds and 2 inches this week.  Awesome.

And we may be the only 3 players left.   But we are making good progress.

2009 Challenge Update

The incredibly late update!  Sorry, there was flu.  And drugs that weren’t the fun kind.

There’s a funny thing about working so hard to improve myself physically.  I’ve found that I’ve learned things I never expected.  Even though my goals are not nearly as steep as some other people that I know, the act of working towards them without seeing the strides I’d like gives me a much better understanding of the struggles of other people.  It’s made me appreciate some of the blessings I’ve been given.

I’ve always been naturally small and never had to really do much to be that way.  Sure, I’d like to be in better shape than I am in now, but I’m not large in any estimation.  And at the beginning of this year, I was the biggest I had ever been.  I don’t know anyone that thinks of a size 4 to 6 as large.  I don’t carry weight gracefully though.  My frame is nearly identical to my mother’s, so I’m aware of what that would look like.

But I really have no right to pass judgement on those that don’t have it so easy.  I don’t know that they aren’t fighting a thyroid problem.  I don’t know that they haven’t fought their weight since childhood.  Maybe they’ve had a catastrophic illness.  It’s not something that I have ever known.  Not a challenge I’ve ever had to meet.  And hopefully never will.

And it’s become very clear that the majority of people will make snap judgements about me too.  I’m automatically judged as the skinny bitch in the gym.  People don’t care that my mother had a thyroid problem and then last year had a breast cancer scare.  They don’t know that my grandmother was diabetic.  No one asks about the bad knees that every woman in my family is blessed with.  People make the assumption that I work out mostly out of my own vanity.  And certainly that is one of my reasons, but it isn’t the only one.  It was likely the added weight that put my mother at risk for breast cancer.  And her weight battle is at least partially because she had half of her thyroid removed when I was a kid.  Maybe, if I can keep my metabolism functioning properly, I can avoid both of those problems.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep from over-burdening my already weak knees with extra weight.  Maybe mine won’t have to be replaced with titanium and nylon in 20 years.  It would be nice if I could keep the factory models.

And yeah, I like to wear nice clothing and look good in it.  There is nothing wrong with that either.  I also like to have the energy to take a hike if I want to.  It’s not hard for me to get there, and I am thankfully for that luxury.

And so, without further adieu, here are the updates

2009 Challenge: Week 3ish

Um, so I didn’t really want to tell you. I gained 2 pounds this week. Overall, I have not lost anything. In fact, I have gained .5 pounds over the course of this thing.

I choose to claim that it is due to gaining more dense muscle mass and has absolutely nothing to due with the cheesecake and pasta of awesomeness I ate this week. Nothing. At. All.

Because anything that is this beautiful, can’t be bad

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake

Yeah, the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory looks just like that when they serve it. And it’s about four inches tall. And had nothing to do with the two pound weight gain this week. I only ate half of it.

Michael ate the other half in hopes of gaining weight. It didn’t work.
thus proving my theory that it had absolutely nothing to do with my weight gain.

I’m missing a few updates still. *ahem* But I am posting what I have received. I happen to know that the Beej is ill and thus is excused. And Buttercup has discovered an improved method for weigh ins. We’ll just have to see how that works out 🙂

edited. I had wrong numbers. All fixed now