I got this at work today.

The armrests in the cab are articulated.

I think it would be completely appropriate for me to spend the rest of my Friday driving it around my desk while making truck noises.

Friday Fluff: Arnold Schwarzenegger Musicals

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Fluff.  Sorry, just haven’t run across anything quite fluffy enough.

But now, with Arnold out of politics and throwing his hat back into the entertainment ring…


First we’ve got Conan the Barbarian the Musical.  Brought to my attention by Carrie of Lyger Lyger

Hear da lementation of de wimmin!!

And just in case that’s not enough, Predator the Musical via Everyday, No Days Off – Gun Blog

If it bleeds, I can kill it!

Friday Fluff: Juvenile Humor-Holiday Edition


I know.  I’m really raising the class level with this one.  Blame TotC

If you want something still entertaining but less juvenile, go visit Roberta and her generic seasonal carol.

Friday Fluff: Confession Time!

Look at this comic.

How many of you just spun your office chair?

Be honest.

You know you at least thought about it.

Me?  I thought about it.  Might still do it.  But I am still wildly entertained by the idea of challenging coworkers to a spin off.  The mental image alone is making me giggle.

Fridays should always have stumbling coworkers.  If you must resort to spin induced stumbling, then that’s what you do.  There are other methods, however.

This Friday is Fluffy!

As most of you know, I’m an animal lover.  Of both the tasty and cuddly varieties.  And so I feel it is my duty to show you what some Marines in Afghanistan have been doing to some kittens.  I must warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Pweese Dont Eats Me!
Pweese Don't Eats Me!

That’s right.  What you see here is a big bad Marine about to make out with a kitten.  Do you know what that could lead to?


Sleeping With The Natives
Sleeping With The Natives

You can see what a toll this is taking on the local kitten population.  Just look at this poor kitteh.  So worn out he fell asleep under a hat.

So very tired
So very tired

I would tip the hat to Jezebel, but it might disturb the feline.

And here is the contact information for an SPCA initiative that helps bring these animals to safety! You can donate online to Operation Baghdad Pups.

Friday Fluff: Renown “Lady”

So we were browsing eBay looking at pipes.  Because that’s what every married couple does when their kid is out of town with his grandparents and they have the whole house to themselves.  I’m telling you the juicy stuff people.  (Maybe.  I like to pretend that this is a family friendly site sometimes.)

But none of that is the interesting part.  No, what is interesting is that we found this:

Renown Lady
Renown "Lady"

Now I’m impressed with the obvious talent here.  But what makes her a “lady” in quotes?  I think I might know.  Here, look more closely.

Look closer
Look closer

Look familiar?  How about now?

That’s right!  The renown “lady” is none other than Aston Kutcher in drag!

Update: Don’t know why the pictures vanished from this post. They should be back now.

Friday Fluff: Weird Crime and Stupid Criminals

Maybe it’s due to the seasonal change, but it seems there have been a lot of odd crimes lately.

First up, we have a man that went on a stabbing spree in the grocery store to protest eating meat.  He was upset at his grandmother…for cooking a pot roast.  So he did the only rational thing and decided to take it out on the meat department.  No, not the butchers or even the customers.  He attacked the meat.  Because killing pieces of already dead animals really brings your message home.

And speaking of grocery store violence, police shoot, kill ax toting man at a grocery store.  Prior to threatening the officers with an ax, he was just hanging out stabbing himself and telling an employee that he “killed people.”  No word on whether or not he was upset with the produce section.

And we’ve got a fake FBI agent hiring her neighbors to do clerical work.    Playing make-believe is one thing, but delegating out the tedium of your fantasy is taking it a bit far.  Have to wonder about the neighbors that fell for it.

Then there is the tale of the insurance agent that went back to rob his customer.  Seems like a decent gig.  Find out all about a guy’s assets and then come back with a gun.  Got the casing part down.  But generally, you shouldn’t wait in the car while your mark goes into the bank to withdraw the money.

But this one has to be my favorite.  It’s got everything.  A police chase.  A fleeing suspect.  And what even looks like a clean getaway.  The suspect dashes from his vehicle and jumps a fence to safety.  The safety of the prison yard.  I have this mental image of the guy getting over the fence and looking back at the officers ready to deliver some version of “you’ll never take me alive!”  The officers double over in laughter as the prison guards approach from behind.

Friday Fluff: Twoo Luv

Because nothing says I love you like bacon.

I mean, just look at that. You only thought roses smelled good. You were so very wrong. And this is so right.

If you get these, someone really loves you. Come on, they gave you bacon.

And yes, somehow I beat Breda to a bacon post. What is this world coming to? Instinct has a bacon post up too!