Evict Lyme – Evyl Robot Edition

Evyl Robot here, hijacking Jennifer’s Head. Look here b*****s, Bonnie hasn’t received nearly enough money for her FUNdraiser so far, and we are looking at a little over 25 hours until it closes. This. Is. Not. Acceptable. My esteemed associate, Dennis, has put up a very nice holster as a prize in this deal, and I happen to have caught up on a bunch of my own holster work. Since we don’t have enough donations, and I have a little more free time, I’m going to put in another custom holster. Feast your hungry little eyes on this:


That’s a black leather 1911 Hidden Stitch Pancake with a red ostrich embossed inlay with an Evyl Robot logo underlay and red stitching.


Feast your eyes I say!


But you can’t have that one. Hahahahahhaa! That one is the one my brother has been wearing for over a year now. I will make a new holster like that one if, and only if the donations turn out significantly higher than at current. As in, three or four times what they currently are. Otherwise, I’m throwing in a plain black Hidden Stitch Pancake holster that fits a five-inch 1911. It’s still a sweet holster, but you don’t get the detail work in that case.

You see as things stand now, I look at the prize packages stacked in my living room, and I look at the funds raised, and I’m disappointed. This isn’t a contest. People are getting a bargain on this loot! It’s time to step up the game. These people and companies have donated some really nice stuff and the entries have not even paid for it yet! They’d be better off if they simply donated the value of their work to Bonnie’s fund. But, it’s not over yet. Please, make this thing worth it. Help out Bonnie and win cool stuff. How can you go wrong?

*Waiting patiently to log additional donations for Bonnie’s FUNdraiser.*

There Are Limits To “Custom”

In the third bedroom of our little house, EvylRobot makes some pretty wild and interesting custom holsters. There have been hunting rigs designed for hunters that wade through marshes and sparkly rigs for girly girls and everything in between.

But there are limits. I’m sorry, Robb, but that girl’s problem started way before she picked a carry method. And, um no, just no.

The Best Belt

Did you know EvylRobot sells more than just holsters? A great holster needs a great belt, after all. When we started carrying, no one made one.  Kydex cores cracked, nylon curled over and looked terrible with my business casual attire, and straight leather stretched out. So EvylRobot developed his own.

I have personally been wearing one of these since November of 2010, when he first started selling them. And that original still looks like new.

So why mention it now? Because I finally updated TheBestBelt.com! Check it out and tell your friends. (Yeah, the pink alligator one is mine.)



Eek! Erin outted us! Well I suppose it’s high time to come out of the stable then.

It’s true.  I like the reboot of My Little Pony, and Rainbow Dash is my favorite. There, I said it. Although, if Princess Luna played a larger role, she might give her a run.  And she does adorn a holster quite nicely.

Wait.  What? Princess Luna on a holster?!  Guess you’ll have to click on that link up there to see what I’m talking about.

It’s Today!!!

Join us for a live chat during the show over at The Holster Site. 10/9 central.  I’ll try to have it open just before show time so we can get settled.

For some background, USA network’s In Plain Sight purchased a holster from Michael to be presented to the main character during the premiere.  Well, the season premiere is tonight!

Guess What Happens on Friday!

This beauty makes its television debut.

We’ll be having a watch party. If I can figure out how, maybe even a live chat. Join us Friday 10/9 central for In Plain Sight

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