The Intersection of Sports and Politics

I grew up as a not-exactly-white girl in Oklahoma, so naturally it was always assumed I must be Native American. No seriously, I had to explain to my second grade teacher** that Filipino* is, in fact, not a tribe. Still, I was assigned to wear the feathers in the school plays. They were very authentic, you know. Dark hair, olive complexion, kinda slanted eyes, no nose bridge-totally pass for one of them Red Men that call this state home. *eye roll*

The only thing worse than terrible stereotypes is being incorrectly cast as a pawn for someone else’s terrible stereotype. Close enough, right? Terrible stereotypes aside, they were at least making some effort at paying respect to the culture. I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

Don’t feel sorry for me here. I got to be on stage***. I wasn’t feeling especially ‘discriminated against’ at the time. The attention! It’s Mine! Precious….

Where was I going again?

Oh right! I was meandering around to find a tie into LabRat’s excellent piece on the brouhaha over some sportball team and their lamentable name and mascot. (And I got an excuse to work ‘brouhaha’ into a blog post.) She’s absolutely right, and I agree with every word. You’re going to have to go over there to read them for yourself.

No, there is no ‘white guilt’ at play here. Just an expectation that although people should have every right to be assholes, more would choose not to be.

*Yes, I do have a very little Native American heritage mixed into my proudly mutt pedigree, but it is far less than my red-haired, pale-skinned hubby has in his.

**She gave me a packet for my parents to fill out so I could ‘get on the rolls’ . 

***I also once played a squirrel with a speaking part. I said, “Look! Here come the ducks!” I lacked shame from an early age.

Men Don’t Rape

Rapists rape. Some rapists happen to be male and others happen to be female. Most of them understand that what they are doing is wrong. They’ve been told that they have no right to another person’s body and they don’t care. They are beyond education.

Treating men as if they are all rapists is disgusting and wrong. The vast majority of men don’t need to be taught not to rape because they aren’t rapists. And rapists can’t be taught.

Rapists can only be avoided, resisted, and punished. That is not blaming the victim. Doing otherwise is enabling the perpetrator.

You want to teach rapists not to rape? Great! Let’s start by promoting an environment where we respect each other as autonomous human beings with rights and privileges to our own bodies. Oh but you can’t stop there. Let’s talk about consent and how it’s not really consent where there is coercion. See? No victim blaming here. For the vast majority of people, we’re done. In a perfect world, that’s all we’d need.

You’re right, I should be able to take a nap in a dark alley while naked. It’s not fair that I can’t and it’s not my fault either. But that’s not the world we will in. We share our lives with a subset of monsters. Not the kind we imagine live under the bed, but those that look just like the rest of us. Why not go chat with Peter about rape culture? Hmm

So let’s continue our education of the rapists, shall we?

Now, let’s teach them that there are dire consequences for violating another human being. Consequences up to and including death to the perpetrator of such actions.

Court systems and law enforcement can only play a small role here. No, the consequences must happen as an immediate effect when warranted. In order to do that, people must be willing and able to protect their own body autonomy with force sufficient to overwhelm the attacker. The rapist has already failed to learn the lesson of respect for their fellow human beings so let’s appeal to a more primitive drive: fear.

I don’t want to live in fear of rapists. I want them to live in fear of a victim that will fight back and deliver swift justice for their crimes. I want them afraid for their very lives.

And here ends the lesson.

Michael Z Williamson has an excellent piece on the matter.

70 Years

When the doctor asked my granddad what he did in the war he told them he walked. Since he was an infantry man, I’m sure that’s pretty accurate. The war wasn’t a thing he talked about much. Sure, he had plenty of stories, but they were about the down time, not the fighting. He had lots of stories about guarding the POW camp in Paris.

Until it was time. Only once did I see the young man’s fear and sorrow in my granddad’s eyes and that’s when he told me that it was never easy to kill another man. After all those years, the memory was still fresh. The burden still heavy.

I don’t know, but I think he would have loved to see Jim “Pee-Wee” Martin parachute into Normandy for the second time. This time without fear since he was met with cheers instead of bullets.

These men carry their memories with humility and grace. Without them, the world would be a different place, indeed. They did what had to be done and far too many never came home and few remain of those that did.

Where’d All These Cobwebs Come From?

Oh yeah. I guess that happens when a place has been uninhabited for a bit. I really am still around. I’ll be back soon. Currently, all the brain cells are wrapped up in system conversion and closing a legacy system. I could talk to you at length about tcodes and layouts and variants and defects, but you really don’t care whether or not that file made it to ftp site.

And that’s okay.

I have been making some kind of attempt at kinda sorta keeping up with what’s going on outside the office.

This? I have no words. Everything is wrong with this. My prayers are with the poor child.

And this. Right. Great idea there. Let’s release some bonafide bad guys so we can get a soldier back that left on his own accord and got other soldiers killed in the process. I feel so warm and fuzzy.

Is anyone else starting to wonder if these open carry guys have been planted by Bloomberg? Hey morons, stop helping! It pains me that I have to clarify that I’m not talking about you guys that open carry handguns in holsters. Yes, TX needs open carry. Print up some eye catching t-shirts and go clean up graffiti in a park for your activism. Strap on some empty holsters while you’re at it.

And it’s National Hug Your Cat Day. Since I have three with a combined total weight of 50lbs, I’ll handle the hugging for those of you that don’t have cats or are averse the the whole bleeding profusely thing.  You’re welcome.

You’d think we’d be getting tired of all the egg dishes we’ve been eggs-perimenting with. You’d be wrong.

This gives me hope for humanity. Butterfly in the sky. I can go twice as high…

In Memory

My mother tells me that my great grandmother would cut the peonies from her garden and save them to take to the cemetery for Memorial Day. I am not so skilled. I tried to refrigerate them, but was left with a sad and smelly pink lump that stuck to the shelves. I suppose she took her secret with her. I did, however, save them in a digital form

I cannot express my gratitude for those who gave all. All I can promise is that the sacrifice is never forgotten.



Activism: Ur Doin It Wrong

I’m a fan of open carry. I think everyone should have the right to do it if they so choose. I support the various efforts to make it legal in places where it currently is not.

But this?


No, just no. Stop helping.

You want to normalize the sight of guns in public? Great! Act normal. Like Tam says, “There’s a difference between just carrying a gun and carrying a gun AT people.”

Just like Starbucks just wants to peddle overpriced coffee, Chipotle just wants to sell overpriced burritos (and there are much better sources for both). Neither establishment is asking you to hunt down and kill the beans yourself.


Combating Evil One Hashtag at a Time

…with signs? on Twitter? For the love of…

Just go read Larry’s post.





Oh! You came back. I can’t really add anything here, but that’s never stopped me from trying before.

Seriously folks? Signs and hashtags and selfies? Really? I’m sure those big bad kidnappers that had no problem abducting innocent girls with the plan to sell them are kicking themselves now. I mean, their evilness is totally trending. They’re never going to bring up their Klout score now. #unfriend #unfollow #uncool

I bet they are totes going to give those girls back now. And they’re going to film it so it goes viral on YouTube. #winning

Dance Monkey makes pouty face, changes world. #filmat11 #firstworldsolutions

Because that’s exactly how brutal warlords do things. They make sure they are in consensus with popular opinion and act accordingly so as not to be shamed. #howitworks

#eyeroll #facepalm #sarcasm

Fun fact: This post contains more hashtags than every other entry combined #uselesstrivia