And The People Said, “No!”

It is said that there are three boxes to effect political change.

  • The Soap Box
  • The Ballot Box
  • The Ammo Box

The situation in Nevada made people go for the third box. My friend, Peter, has an excellent run down on it and I agree with his thoughts here.

I’m not going to debate whether or not Mr. Bundy is in the right. Honestly, I don’t think I know enough about all the twist and turns and intricacies to make a judgment there.

My takeaway here is that the natives have gotten restless. The people stood up and the feds backed down (at least for the moment. I’m sure it’s not over). This is a bit beyond lighting off a Roman Candle in city limits level of civil disobedience.

The government said, “Respect mah authoritah!” and the people said, “No!”

And that attitude is far from unique. In fact, it seems to be spreading. New York said, “Register you guns,” and the people said, “No!” Same thing happened in Connecticut.

Taking up arms and standing in the way of the uniformed men with guns is a pretty loud “No!” don’t you think? Not a single shot was fired, but I imagine it was heard, nonetheless.

What’s next? I don’t know, but it won’t be the last time the people say “No!”

Feminism Will Never Redefine Beauty

Spotted this going around Facebook. And then this little jewel.

Really? Neither feminism nor some photographer is going to make me see hairy armpits as beautiful. Sorry, not gonna happen. You want to grow them out, fine. They’re your armpits to do with as you like. I’m sure it’s because I’ve been brainwashed by the patriarchy, but I don’t find that attractive and no amount of edgy photography or handwritten signs is going to change that. I’m not ‘perturbed’, I just don’t like it. I’m allowed.

Save for certain fetishes, no one is going to find it attractive if I smear myself with feces* no matter how beautiful I insist it really is. (And before someone jumps in and complains that I’m comparing body hair to fecal matter, no, I’m not. I’m using hyperbole.)

Beauty and attraction take at least two participants, the actor and the audience. If the actor wants to be attractive to a particular audience they will have to conform to the beauty standards of that audience. If person x’s definition of a beautiful woman is tall, blond with big boobs, I’m never going to reach that standard. I’m at peace with that. I fit just fine into other standards of beauty. I will never fit them all and neither will you.

You think being hairy is beautiful? Fine. Go be hairy and find someone that likes that, just don’t insist that I need to accept it as beautiful or find it attractive.

*Crushed up fish scales, on the other hand, are totally acceptable.

Freedom is Dangerous

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility. -Sigmund Freud

Indeed. Far too many don’t really wish to be free. They want to be children shielded from the consequences of their actions and choices. They want to delegate their protection to someone else.

Responsibility often isn’t fun, but it is necessary to be free. A life without risk is not a life worth living. Guaranteed success is not success at all. It’s mediocrity at best. How can I possibly be the master of my own destiny if I allow someone else to draw the map?

The only place that can guarantee me regular meals, healthcare, and a place to lay my head is a prison. It doesn’t matter whether or not it has walls. And not even there can my safety be assured.

As for me, I’d prefer dangerous freedom over servitude any day.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you are anything other than a slave when you take your food stamps and welfare. Someone else dictates what you can eat and where you will live. That someone can decide how generous they are going to be. They will lull you into complacency and then figure out just how cheaply your vote can be bought. Already you have been deceived with lies and empty promises.

Freedom does not mean free stuff. It means responsibility. Responsibility for your own welfare, your own well-being, your own safety. It’s a shame that’s thought of as such a radical idea.

Guess What? We’re All In A Movie

It’s the only reasonable explanation for what’s going on in the world. Think about it.

  • There’s a hacker with incriminating info on the United States government bunking down with an ex-KGB agent who is trying to take over the world in between his shirtless photo-ops.
  • Meanwhile, a plane straight up vanishes from the sky.
  • And a senator who has worked tirelessly to keep guns out of the hands of citizens is caught trying to illegally purchase guns from the Philippines so he can arm the Chinese crime syndicate.
  • All while half the US is caught in a seemingly endless winter that was apparently caused by global warming.

I’m going to go ahead and check upstairs for New York cop with a Beretta. I’ll take him some shoes. You guys find a ragtag group of super heroes with a fancy plane and billionaire on the squad. Bonus points if they’ve also got a God with a big freaking hammer and nice abs.

Sex, Drugs, and Hobby Lobby

I’ve been kind of paying attention to all the arguments surrounding the Hobby Lobby court case. In short, Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to pay for some forms of birth control that the owners consider contrary to their religious beliefs. The government says, not so fast. These methods of birth control are legal and since you aren’t a religious organization, you must pay for them regardless of your personal convictions.

Huh. Well isn’t that interesting? You know, I’d like a new firearm. I have every right to own a firearm. In fact, it’s a right protected right there in plain language in the constitution rather than hidden somewhere under the idea of privacy. I can’t afford a new firearm at the moment. By this logic, I should be able to compel my employer to purchase one for me. Right? Even if my employer was someone like Michael Bloomberg*.

They can’t refuse. That’d be denying me my right to own firearms. It would directly infringe on my access.

Except that, it wouldn’t. It would just mean that I have to spend my own money on it. It would be none of my boss’s business. As it should be.

Hobby Lobby cannot compel its employees not to use these forms of birth control. They cannot deny access to them. They just don’t want to subsidize it.

*Thankfully, my employer is nothing like Michael Bloomberg.

Bald Faced Idiocy

Thanks, Jay. Surely I needed the rise in blood pressure.

You clicked over, right? Good. No? Make with the clicky! I’ll wait.

Now then.

What kind of brain addled idiot suspended a 9-year-old girl from school for shaving her head in support of a friend with cancer?!?!?!?!? Are you freaking kidding me?

“I didn’t realize that hair was such an important aspect of a child at school,” Campbell said. “For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I thought that was a huge statement and it builds character in a child,”

In a statement to, Catherine Norton Breman, president and Chair of the academy’s board of directors, said the dress code “was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students. Under this policy, shaved heads are not permitted.”

Delaney said she was happy to have her friend’s support.

“It makes me sad because she was really happy to go back to school and show people what she did, but now that she didn’t get to, she’s kind of sad,” Delaney told


Dude. Duuuuuuuuude. You made a little girl with cancer feel sorry for her friend because you are a dumbass. You fail on all the levels.

Like cockroaches, the school retreated from their position once the press shined a light on the story. Kamryn was invited to return to school today.

Let me tell you something about being a 9-year-old girl. It’s a mess of confusion and an over-whelming desire to be liked and accepted by your peers. Fitting-in is your Holy Grail. The popularity lines are being drawn and you want nothing more than to be on the right side of them. You’re starting to worry if you’re pretty enough to be one of the cool kids.

Shaving your head at this stage? Damn, girl. You are a rockstar.

There’s this idea that femininity and long hair are linked. Balking that tradition is intimidating. Ask me how I know.

punkingI didn’t really tell you how completely freaked out I was. I asked Michael to do it quickly before I chickened out. Which was a distinct possibility. There was more than a little bit of anxiety about leaving the house the next day. (Although the time saved in morning primping was nice.) Sure, I’d already told the internet, but then I had to go out into the general public. Yikes! I was 33, a long way from hitting all the levers on the hormonal soda fountain, and it was scary.

Or, I thought it was anyway. It turned out just fine and honestly quite liberating, but I didn’t know that until well past the point of no return. If and when I do it again, it won’t be so bad. No way 9-year-old Jennifer was that brave. Not a chance.

Kamryn, I salute you, and I’m praying for your friend. She’s lucky to have a friend like you.


They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Our love? Really? You mean, not by our cruelty towards those we believe to be sinners?


So, who looks more like a Christian

Even after being targeted directly

And upon learning of his passing.

Funny, I first heard of the imminent demise of Fred Phelps from George Takei’s post. And I was touched. Honestly moved by the grace and mercy. I will humbly admit that had I heard it without his commentary, my reaction would have been far more along the lines of ‘good riddance’ and ‘hope it hurts’. Not especially Christian of me.

Even still, I think the world just became a better place for having lost that much hatred. It is hard for me to hope that God has mercy on his soul. I don’t want him to experience mercy! I want judgment! Hell-fire and brimstone! But that is my own failing and weakness talking. My lack of understanding. Only God knows a man’s heart.

As much as I hate the bracelets, when I ask ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, I believe that he’d act a lot like George Takei here. He would recognize the sin and show grace and mercy to the sinner.