Did Someone Get The Tag

of that truck that hit me?  At least, I assume it was a truck.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

But I’m occupying my cubicle anyway. Instead of pulling a repeat of yesterday and occupying my couch.  I don’t seem to be feverish today, there are plenty of things I share with coworkers, but I generally try to keep the infectious things to myself.  The coworkers seem to appreciate that.

So yesterday was spent poking around on the internet and building something new.  Wanna see*?

The day was capped off by cleaning my son’s barf off his face.  So really, a lovely day.

This morning I woke up from weird fevered dreams where I really wanted to leave the party but I couldn’t find my shoes. And then I couldn’t leave anyway because the monsters were hosting a costume party in the foyer. My mother in law kept emerging from some magical room wearing different shoes.  She suggested I could find something there since my shoes were missing.  When I went into the room, there were no shoes.  Later several men left to do some carnival ride thing that was set up at the lake across the street.  They came back naked and red. It was not sexy. Dear subconscious, if you are going to insert naked people into my dreams, I’d prefer if they were hot.  Just saying.

And somewhere in the middle, it seems Emerson has gotten political again. Whatever am I going to do with him?

*Please do and let me know what you think.