Look Out Guys!

A couple more ladies have moved in over at Top Gun Review.

First, a newcomer to digital pontificating, Joy Hast. I can vouch for her personally. She’s a cool chick, and I don’t just say that ’cause she married Michael‘s little brother. (Actually, she probably deserves a medal for that one. I kid.) Welcome to the gunnie division of the internet – Gunternet? – welcome, anyway.

And needing no introduction, our own Bonnie! For whom we are still running the raffle through the end of the month. (Sticky post. Look up. Okay, fine.  Here’s a link.)

Don’t worry, we aren’t putting up curtains or anything. Although, we may need our own bathroom soon 😉

Mythbusting: Home Invasions

Your home is your castle, right? It’s the place you can relax, where you are safe.

Until it’s not. What then? Read more at Top Gun Review


Kids and Guns

Why should we teach our children about firearms?

Why shouldn’t we?

Don’t you want to be the one that teaches them, or do you want to leave it to Hollywood?

Be age appropriate, be safe, and teach your children*.

*Oh look! That link goes to me!