Orange You Glad We’re Still Friends

Gasp! Horror! Someone on the internet un-circled me! Truly, it must be the end of the world complete rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth!

Or maybe I just can’t string random, bitchy trolls along very well. I should be honest here and admit that I started it. You see, in my enjoyment of a lovely spring day, I posted the following picture.

With the caption: Spring! Time for yellow snakeskin stilettos and an orange skirt

Dastardly, I know. And yes, if you are following me on the book of face, you saw the same photo and caption there with hilarious commentary thanks to Bonnie (fully funded FTW).

But such fun was not to be as I offended someone’s lack of fashion sense.


Que the butt hurt! Funny enough, I went to check this person’s profile to figure out who on earth she was and her tagline reads “NO BULLIES ALLOWED!!!”

Ha! Because telling someone their outfit belongs on a kid’s cartoon or in a rainbow is how perfectly reasonable people behave in society. If you can’t say anything nice, then make sure you say it on the internet.

Also from her profile

I like to debate so it’s welcome on my profile, just..  Let’s try to keep it civil.  No name-calling or insults.  Stick to the subject please.
*NOTE:  I’m SERIOUS on this.  NO PERSONAL ATTACKS or you WILL be blocked and if it’s serious, REPORTED!*
As I stated above, I am completely honest and unafraid to show my thoughts and feelings.  If you can’t take the truth then you probably shouldn’t start a discussion with me or ask my opinion on something.  🙂
I know, it’s the internet where someone can claim their own misguided opinion as if it were “truth” and “honesty” and use it to personally attack someone, claim to welcome debate, and then pack up their toys and refuse to play anymore when they are called out. Just so you know, opinion does not equal truth no matter how authoritatively you state it.
For the record, I don’t mind if you don’t like my outfits. You don’t have to.  I dress for me. The outfit was cute, and I will probably wear it again once weather permits. Internet troll be dammed! You are welcome to share your opinion in a respectful manner. Be a bitch, and I will treat you accordingly. And as an added bonus, I get blog content out of the adventure!