Every Time the Gong Rings

A journalist gets their gun.

Wait, isn’t that supposed to be something about bells and angels? Ah well. Seems like more and more of those making their living with under the First Amendment are noticing the second. ¬†Read more about it here.

I’m going to have to stop being snarky about those journalists if I keep this writin’ as an income thing going.

Conversations While Out And About

Hubby and I headed out Saturday to pick up a couple of things to take with us to Houston next weekend. (insert SQUEEE!) In chatting with the guy running the shop that day, we learned that he was formerly a purveyor of things that go bang. So the conversation turned to guns and politics, as it so often does. And then the inevitable question

Merchant: So, what do you carry?

Me: FNP 45 Tactical

Merchant: (suddenly wide-eyed and incredulous) WHERE?!?!?

Me: Right here (sweeping back the light shirt which had been serving as cover garment and fashionable addition)

There are certain benefits to being married to the holster-maker extraordinaire.

The rig, sans cover garment.

That is what I mean by the fallacy of the ladies gun. The tactical toaster isn’t for everyone, but there is something out there that is a good fit for you.¬†Go read my wrap up here.

So The Lady In Your Life Wants A Gun

Wherein I attempt to answer the unanswerable.

What gun for the wife? Mom? Daughter? Lady in your life? This is one of the more common questions asked at gun stores and of the gun enthusiast friend. As much as we would like there to be, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Just like not every woman will put on the sky-high stilettos, the 5-shot, snub-nosed revolver will not fit every woman.

Read the rest over at National Gun Trader.

Why yes, that’s me over there too!