Things I Learned At The NRA Convention

  • Apparently, media types subsist entirely on cheese and berries
  • 639,000 440,000 square feet is a lot of square feet. Particularly if your plan finds you constantly zipping from one end to the other
  • Sometimes, you just have to look like you know what you are doing.
  • Parking is cheaper behind the convention center. Give yourself more than 3 minutes to get back before the doors are locked because it is also a rather daunting and brisk run while hanging onto your camera and tablet.
  • Vendors will be highly entertained watching you sprint while clutching a DSLR
  • 639,000 440,000 seems crowded when filled with 86,228 people.
  • 86,228 pro-gun types are remarkably polite. Lots of ‘excuse me’s’ and ‘pardon me’s’ with the inevitable bumping that happens in a crowd that size
  • Ammo manufacturers are not giving out samples and you are not the first person to ask
  • I really should have gotten business cards made. Going to go ahead and get that rolling now.
  • When you ask a dozen gun-bloggers for a knife, no less than 20 will be produced. These are not the only knives present.
  • Why take an extra carry gun? Because you might need to loan one to a friend.
  • Always punctuate the T&E request with a high wattage grin. Always.
  • Suppressing the SQUEEE is often difficult.
  • The floors inside the larger booths are squishy. This is helpful towards the end of the day
  • Be sure to hang out with the cool kids. Some of that might just rob off.

There Were Protesters, And So I Shot Them

Each and every one of them. Didn’t even require a reload.

Girl Reading Names


This girl was reading names of people who have been killed with guns. Those killed via other means are not mentioned. Couldn’t tell if the guy in green shorts was with them or not.

Girl Reading Names2Here’s another angle. The guy in the suit was definitely not with the protest. He appeared to be attempting a debate. So if we give them green short guy, we’ve got 4 people so far.

ProtestHmm. Here’s green shorts again. Hard to tell if this group is part of the protest, but let’s be generous and move the count up to 5. I’m not counting the kid in the stroller.



So I stepped back and went for a long range shot. Ended up shooting several bystanders that were doing nothing other than passing through. Wrong place, wrong time, I suppose.

Must be the fault of my high capacity SD card in my camera.



Nicely Done, DoubleTap Defense

Today’s NRA swag award goes to DoubleTap Defense. They handed me a little white box telling me that it was a flash drive with a media packet. I found this inside.


There’s a little slide on the side which reveals this


Well done, DoubleTap. Well done. Very, very cool.