Incompatible With Life

Three words you don’t want to hear at a prenatal appointment. It’s supposed to fun and exciting to see your baby on that screen. To hear their heart beat. To make plans for your bundle of joy.

It should not be the day you being planning a funeral. And yet that’s exactly what happened to Erik and Sabra. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even wrap my brain around what they must be feeling right now.

On top of that, they are facing eviction by a truly heartless landlord. And they are having car issues as well. Erin’s got some more details about the needs there.

They’ve set up a YouCaring site with an all too humble goal. No one should have to plan their child’s funeral. Please let them know they aren’t alone. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they walk this devastating path.

For Your Consideration

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Tin Can Assassin and his family. Progeny is a delightfully spirited child with a powerful drive for exploration.

Without diving into the details, he’s in need of some help. Too much of what should have remained private has been made public already. My hope is that the situation can be resolved to the benefit of all parties but particularly for Progeny. She’s a sweet girl, and she doesn’t deserve to be caught in the middle of all of this.

Take a minute and consider the situation.

I don’t know why his estranged wife feels like she isn’t safe, but she isn’t a bad person. I do not believe she has malicious intent. However, I also do not believe that Tin Can Assassin is at fault. I believe that she is very truly hurt and frightened and should not be demonized here. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where it is important for attorneys to get involved.

Review the situation and do what you feel is right.

Thinking of Brigid

I took a much needed vacation day on Friday and largely stayed off the blogs for the weekend so I was surprised and saddened to hear of the passing of my friend’s brother on Friday. I am honored to be able to call Brigid a true friend and my heart aches with hers in this time of loss. Fitting that it should happen over Easter weekend when we celebrate the greatest promise of the Gospel. The promise of resurrection. A reminder that this world is only temporary, our flawed bodies only shells. Like the thief on the cross, we have our place in paradise complete with perfect bodies free from pain and grief.

Brigid is a kind soul who never hesitates to soothe the hurts and comfort those that need it. Even to her own detriment. Knowing that it was her brother that she could go to tells me that he was a fine man, indeed. Please direct your thoughts and prayers to Brigid and her family in this time of mourning and celebration of the blessings his life gave to them.

Signal Boost

Msgt B could use your time and attention. Please go read this post. It’s a very important one.

The killers will get the justice they deserve eventually. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later so the family can have peace. I applaud the family for turning their tragedy into a blessing for others.

Love and Prayers for the Phillippines

Growing up, my family was always very close with a missionary to the Philippines. For all my life I have been connected to the work of Salvador Cariaga. I shared many meals with him at my parent’s home. He’s really more family than friend.

And so it was with shock and horror when I started to see the images from Arapal.

Arapal Children's Home
COPYRIGHT@. Pictures are private property of Shepherds Hill International. Permission required to use them for publication. Please contact or call 817 480 1287. Photos taken by Marilyn Andales. Please pass and share.


This is the Arapal Children’s Home. It has served orphans, fed countless impoverished children, and saved many lives.

From Facebook

Sometime before, during, or after Sunday services, please announce to your church the needs in the Philippines. The damage and destruction there is at the highest level of calamity in the world. List of death will be in the thousands. Tacloban alone is over a thousand deaths and counting. We were fortunate in Arapal because although all our buildings were destroyed, lives were spared because we had one solid shelter made out of cement and stone. 50 people were able to seek refuge in the basement and were unharmed. Hundreds of thousands were not as fortunate.

Please send your help to Shepherds HIll International, PO Box 11000, Oklahoma City, OK 73136. Or you may send it online to Shepherds Hill is a non-profit organization led by Dr. Mike O’Neal as the chairman of the board (former OC president). All disaster donations will be sent to the Philippines to help with the relief and rebuilding work there. Just note that it is for the disaster in the Philippines. I am also avialable to speak in churches or civic groups. For more information, please contact me at 817 480 1287 or email me at

Please pray and pass this announcement around.
God bless us all.

Salvador Cariaga

Fortunate. They lost everything they had built and yet they are fortunate. Their needs are very real and immediate. Salvador’s organization is already there. They are a part of the community. I am confident that any funds donated will go directly to help those in need.

Here is an interview that he did with The Weather Channel

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Arapal was a refuge. It will be again.


Pet Project

Behold! I bring you the cute!
major-300x209Just look at that face.


This lovely girl is currently residing with our friends, the Atomic Nerds. As you saw from the link that I know you clicked on, she’s got some special needs. Enter everyone’s favorite sucker, our dear Farm Girl.

She has stepped up to be caregiver for this precious Akita. She’s got the will, the skills, and the space, but is a bit tight on the funds.

Don’t make me show you the face again!

Every little bit really does help, and you can give here.


I did it. I showed you THAT FACE again. Go on, click the pic.

There are a lot of people out here on the interwebs. If everyone just threw a couple bucks in the hat, it would make a big difference.

ETA: Farm Girl tells me in the comments below that a home may have been found for Major! Donations will still go towards her care. Just wanted to update for anyone reading in a reader without clicking into the comments.


Squeak or Treat

Yes, I know. I am fully and intimately aware of how badly everyone is hurting financially right now. I get it.

At the same time, we have an opportunity to help one of our own and get a chance at some nifty stuff. Erin is organizing a raffle to help Bonnie with her upcoming surgery. Go check it out and give if you are able and so moved.

And yes, if you scroll down into her comment section you will see that I am offering to record a voice-mail greeting in return for a donation. I’m not raffling that off. If you send me your receipt and a script, I will record a short message for you. This is in addition to whatever raffle tickets you may request.  I have veto authority on any script submitted, but silliness is welcome and encouraged. I don’t have any professional recording equipment, but I will do my best to make it sound good for you.

One of my ‘other duties as assigned’ in my day job is voice talent. You call my office, you will hear me directing you through the phone menu(s). I’m the person assuring you that your call is important to us and will be answered in the order in which it was received.

Thank you again for everyone that has helped out. You have all done real and tangible good. There is certainly no shortage of worthwhile causes out there.


So, Here We Go

We’ll just start with the graphic

I stand with Erin Palette banner

Today is a big day for my friend, Erin. Follow that link because it answers most of the questions.

It’s funny, she actually told Michael before she told me. And then she let Michael tell me. My initial reaction, “That explains a lot.”

Then I proceeded to message with Erin on Facebook and tell her how much I appreciated her trusting me with her big secret and how honored I was that she’d be so vulnerable with me. Since then, we’ve had conversations about whether or not it was time to tell the world. My answer has always been the same, “You have to do what is right for Erin. I will support whatever decision you make.”

You see, Erin has always just been Erin. Since I am in a happy, committed, monogamous relationship, her fiddly bits or who she’d like to share them with are none of my business nor concern. She had already proven herself to be a good friend to me and the rest of the gun-blogging community. Something she has just done again in support of Bonnie (click that link too). I judged her on the content of her character and found it good.

I’ve learned a lot about her struggle that I never would have realized had she not been so willing to be so frank with me and had the patience to explain when I have blundered into an offensive landmine. My eyes are opened to a world I never saw prior to knowing her.

Brigid, as usual, said it beautifully

What if just for a day, you were judged solely on what you’ve read, what you’ve learned the hard way, what you are, what drives and inspires. What if you were valued for your innate abilities to survive and prosper through that day without birthright; handling yourself and your actions without apology, but simply by the human vanity of your own strengths and the grace of He who loves us as we are.

If that day came, who would the world see?

You see, I have the advantage of looking like my image of myself. It’s me looking back from the mirror. When you see me, it’s me. Sure, it’s not everything. I’m sure you see the confident woman I am always striving to be. You see the brown eyes, the olive skin, the dark hair. The same olive skin and dark eyes that meant my elementary school best friend wasn’t allowed to come to my house because I was one of ‘those people’ to her mother. Her mother couldn’t see me. You all saw Erin long before you ever saw her face, and Erin is beautiful.  I am proud to stand by her side and call her my friend.