So as I’m sure you noticed, SqueakyB came to visit. There was shopping and eating and gaming and pedicures and a missed flight (d’oh!).

We even squeezed in a little zombie shooting.

Photo by Micah Heath
Photo by Micah Heath

Just one of the dinners

She came out to experience the mess that is our house and the awesome that was Super! Bitcon. Full report to come once I’ve recovered. Here’s just one of the 1400 pictures I took of the event.


My Picture In Print!

Hey! That photo on page 35 of this week’s OKGazette looks mighty familiar.


If you’ve been following me for the last year, it should look familiar to you too.

Here’s the original


Don’t worry, it’s being used with my blessing. Keep your fingers crossed that I can catch more awesome images like this one this weekend at Super! Bitcon. Come out and say hello.

How Much Did They Pay You to Spy on Us?

Two dollars and fifteeeeeen cents!

























Lock up your sons!

This was actually one of the vendors. Told us this was something she threw together at the last minute. Rockin’ it!

I bought a tiara with a skull cameo on it for my sister-in-law from her. Which I failed to get a picture of. You shall just have to wait on that one until she works it into one of her fab hair-dos.

Star Wars Cosplay

I’m still swamped, so more cosplay photos for you! Since you already met Lando, how about the rest of the Star Wars players?

Star Wars Kids
The little ones are always my favorites
And a Sith
And a Sith
Spot the tiny Han Solo!
Spot the tiny Han Solo!
Why yes, that is a Slave Leia
Why yes, that is a Slave Leia

We even had to get into the Star Wars action!

(Click pics for bigger)

These are all from SoonerCon a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

So We Met This Guy

As promised, I’ve got some cosplay pics that I will be sharing in tiny teasing snippets because I need the content to keep you interested.

But first, I am beyond excited that to tell you that I got to meet this guy










To be really honest, I met this guy


Same difference, right?

I’m not gonna lie. For a minute there, I thought he really was Billy Dee Williams, and I totally had a fangirl squee moment.

He was super nice and not at all weirded out by my wide eyed stalker-ish actions. As is true of every cosplayer I’ve encountered, he was flattered and quite obliging when I asked for a picture.