Friday Fluff: Some things you can’t unsee

Today’s edition of Friday Fluff will disturb you.  Just letting you know.  You can’t say you were not warned.


So my friend sent me this picture.

I had the completely reasonable WTF response and decided to investigate further into this Hawtness website.

Some women have no shame. None whatsoever.

Oh yes, there’s more.

And some are just confusing

And then there was People of Wal-Mart. Really people?

And am I the last person on the internet to discover this? I mean, everyone should know these creatures are out there.


And if you aren’t sufficiently disturbed, I invite you to visit Awkward Family Photos. Where you can find things like this.

And now that I’ve alienated half my readers…

Hello? Anyone left. I promise, next post will not have naked people with cats.

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