Roman Polanski is a Vile Human Being

He raped a child.  I don’t care if he’s made great movies and suffered in his multiple European homes while not being able to pick up his Oscar in the US.

Getting a 13 year old girl drunk and then proceeding to have sex with her while she says no is rape.  And it makes Roman Polanski a vile human being.  Even Salon agrees with me.  (Great article, by the way.)  In spite of what Whoopi Goldberg said, it was rape-rape.  I’m not really sure what moral code says that a man that drugs a thirteen year old girl and proceeds to penetrate her both vaginally and anally while she protested qualifies as anything other than rape.  The real kind, as if there is such thing as pseudo-rape of a 13 year old girl.  If I walked in on a event like that around here, I’d shoot him.  And then I’d get a freaking medal.  And a parade.

Personally I think even still as a 76 year old man he deserves to have his nether regions removed with a rusty scapel by a drunken, near sighted, baboon.  Unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow for that.  The law allows for him to be arrested and extradited.  Upon his return, he will actually have to go to hearings.

I’m glad his victim has found a level of peace.  She and her family should be left alone.  Roman Child-Rapist Polanski on the other hand should meet the  scalpel weilding baboon.  I don’t really care what he’s been through.  He’s a sick, vile human being.  Yeah, it’s tragic that his pregnant wife was killed by the Manson family.  That doesn’t excuse him for raping a child.

I don’t give a damn that he apparently made some good movies.  There is no contribution to the silver screen that makes raping a child okay.  It is never okay to give a child champagne and quaaludes and then rape her.  How anyone could possibly excuse that is beyond me.  And yet we have several Hollyweirdos doing just that.

‘The case is three decades old and is all but dead but for minor technicalities. We stand by and wait for his release and his next masterwork,’ said jury president Debra Winger.

Yeah, there is that minor technicality of never facing the punishment for breaking the law.  You know, the law that says you can’t rape children.

Disgusting.  Roman Polanski is a child rapist.  Were he anyone else, he would have gone to prison where the prisoners would have dealt with him.  Even criminals have a code of honor higher than those in Hollywood.

3 thoughts on “Roman Polanski is a Vile Human Being”

  1. Republicans, on average, are twice as likely to have kids than liberal Democrats, so to a typical liberal Democrat, child rape is something that other people are concerned about: It has no immediate impact on their lives and isn’t a REAL crime like torturing terrorists or producing too much CO2. Therefore, liberals are genuinely confused about why people are so upset about this: The man makes good movies, doesn’t that count for SOMETHING?

    No, it doesn’t. Just ’cause Nero was an artist-emperor , it doesn’t absolve him of the deaths of thousands of Christians.

    And in the interests of Godwin’s Law, I won’t drag up the “Hitler was also a painter” analogy. 🙂

  2. I get tickled at how the left is all preachy about human rights until it comes down the the nut-cutting. When the issue crosses with one of the more shallow things that’s really important to them (like movies), they quickly show their colors by backing their priorities. I. e. – “Sure he drugged and raped a little girl, but that was a long time ago, and he makes MOVIES! Good movies!” As usual, I’m with you, babe. Bring on the baboon!

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