Hmm. What’s Sarah Palin Cooking?

Other than delicious moose chili.  Alright, I’ve never tried moose chili or Sarah Palin’s cooking, but it does sound delicious.

She’s got a best selling book that isn’t even out yet. Going Rogue: An American Life

She’s shaking up the GOP establishment.  What?  Small government?  Low taxes?  Personal freedom?  Perish the thought!  She’s even scored an early endorsement from McCain’s campaign manager.  Hey, if the guy that managed the campaign that lost so magnificently thinks she will be a catastrophe, I take that as an endorsement.  The guy thought getting behind a RINO was a great campaign strategy.  We all know how well that worked out.  But hey, at least it brought us Sarah Palin.

And now Todd has quit the job he loved on the oil field.  Could these be the early steps of Palin’s Revenge (great piece, BTW).

Exit question, who has talked to our troops more often?  Dear Reader, you know-Commander in Chief, or Sarah Palin?

One thought on “Hmm. What’s Sarah Palin Cooking?”

  1. This lady is trying to hawk a lipstick line.
    I think Scarah’s PREZNIT run is sailed into the sunset. Only her moonies haven’t put two and two together yet.
    There was a fork a road and Palin took the path marked KA-CHING.
    Todd MANTAN Palin is not woorking because he doesn’t have to.

    Even IF she did get the nomination, all her opponent would ever have to say is …SHE QUIT. PERIOD.

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