October 23rd

Just so happens to be my birthday.  I share it with a lot of people.  Some I know, many I don’t.  Some are famous, most are not.  And apparently, my birth ended the 4 decades of dissension between China and Japan.  I know.  I’m just that special.

I knew I shared a birthday with Weird Al and Johnny Carson.  Well, they had it first, but Sid Vicious was so moved by my birth that he tried to off himself.

But via Say Uncle I learned that I share a birthday with none other than the EARTH!  The whole freaking earth.  And I’ve never even given the earth a present.  But I’ve never given one to Weird Al or Johnny Carson either, so I guess the earth shouldn’t really be expecting anything.

Tell ya what, Earth.  How about for your birthday, I tell off a greenie?  Laugh at a hybrid?  We all know that stuff isn’t about the earth.  Or maybe we could just black out San Francisco like on my 19th birthday.  Honestly, I think just shutting down San Fran Nan might be enough.

Who knows what my birthday and the earth’s will bring this year.

*Honestly, I don’t think anyone can pinpoint the birthday of the earth, but the idea is fun to play with.

8 thoughts on “October 23rd”

  1. I’d rather the Earth sink California into the ocean and suck Washington D.C. into the giant sinkhole that would be the meltdown of the underground nuclear powerplant below.

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