Pants On Fire!

I thought you were going to cut off funding to Acorn.  That was the truth, right?  Then why is Acorn getting nearly $1 million that was earmarked for fire departments?

I know you’ll call me out and make me apologize if I call you a LIAR!  You might even make me sit in the corner.

But I suppose trucking in underage prostitutes is better for promoting fire safety than, you know, actual firefighters.  I’ll be so relieved when a group of people show up at my flaming home to pass out fliers and raise awareness of the discriminatory nature of the flames.  Maybe they’ll be on a bus wearing matching t-shirts.  You know, because everyone wants to see this when they crawl out of their bedroom window.

image via SodaHead

Cause nobody really wants to see these guys

I mean, they don’t even have matching t-shirts!

5 thoughts on “Pants On Fire!”

  1. I dont know about you, but ACORN is the first group i think of when giving out money to help fight fires, does this mean they wont start 1mill$ worth of fires in NOLA?

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