I Was Using The Analogy To Make A Point

I’ve said on multiple occasions that government run health care would have all the bedside manner, service, and responsiveness of the DMV.  I was making a point about how this was something you would never ever want.  I know I personally avoid going to either the DMV or the post office like the plague.  Which is probably still infecting the petri dish waiting area.  You know you’re in trouble when you pass the time writing your memoirs on the back of the number you pulled out of the little red machine.

Health Care + DMV = DO NOT WANT!

Well apparently, someone thought that sounded like a great idea.  Brilliant even.  Because in the new plan you will be able to get your oh so personalized health care plan at…wait for it…the Department of Motor Vehicles.  I only wish I was kidding. *facepalm

Oh that model of efficiency and compassion!

At least Patty and Selma’s jobs get “saved or created.”

3 thoughts on “I Was Using The Analogy To Make A Point”

  1. Can we please start the revolution now?

    I’m afraid voting them out of office won’t work, we need to rework the constitution again and clarify the restrictions on the government and the courts even more.

  2. We don’t need to rework the Constitution–it is fine the way it is (could add term limits for congresscritters). What we need to do is punt the entire Federal system as it has evolved over the past 60+ years and start again.

    The Code of Federal Regulations used to be pamphlet-sized, now it fills multiple bookcases. That’s where the problem is. All that paper would make a very nice bonfire.

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