He’s Not Racist, Blacks Can Use His Bathroom

“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way,” Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. “I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else.”

And yet this Justice of the Peace will not sign the marriage license of mixed race couples.  And it’s for the children.  Those poor mixed race children never grown up to be anything significant.  Why they’ll be forced to spend their lives reading other people’s words off of teleprompters and accepting meaningless medals from Norwegians.  How terrible for them.

This must be another example of the horrible right wing Republican racists right?  Indeed, he is listed as a Republican in the Louisiana Parish Elected Officials listing.  But something interesting happens when you click on the link to see his office incumbent history.

E. Keith Bardwell, Republican, Exp.Date:12/31/14 23288 Bardwell Rd.,Ponchatoula, LA 70454, 985/542-1732
Keith Bardwell, Democrat, Exp.Date:12/31/08 23288 Bardwell Rd.,Ponchatoula, LA 70454, 985/542-1732
Keith Bardwell, Democrat, Exp.Date:12/31/02 23288 Bardwell Road,Ponchatoula, LA 70454, 985/542-1732
Keith Bardwell, Democrat, Exp.Date:12/31/96 224 Bardwell Rd.,Ponchatoula, LA 70454, 504/542-1732

That’s unpossible!  What possibly could have happened in 2008 that made him change parties?  You don’t think it’s because of racism do ya?  Of course not.  Democrats are all so very enlightened and accepting!  His denial of this marriage application was certainly due to the evil influence of his new party affiliation. Or, maybe not.

Evidently, Bardwell has long had a policy of not marrying interracial couples, and admitted that Louisiana’s attorney general had warned him years ago that he could “get into trouble” because of it.

“I told him if I do, I’ll resign,” Bardwell told the Daily Star. “I have rights too. I’m not obligated to do that just because I’m a justice of the peace.”

Or maybe the party of Robert Byrd, former Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, is a little less enlightened than they would like us to believe.  At least they are equal opportunity haters.  They say vile, childish things about women too.  But what do you expect from someone that thinks Twitter is a person.  Guess he’s really using that “ivy league” education.

6 thoughts on “He’s Not Racist, Blacks Can Use His Bathroom”

  1. thank you for having this blog. ive never responded to a blog but when i read about this piece of shit birdwell or whatever i had to vent somewhere haha i want that fucker fired and beat up.

  2. His party has nothing to do with it. In fact, that’s quite obvious considering he can’t seem to make up his mind which party he belongs to.

    But you do realize that the Democrats and Republicans effectively switched sides during the mid 20th century, right? The original Republican party at the time of Lincoln represented liberal and progressive ideas. (They were the ones that freed the slaves, after all.) The first presidential candidate running under the Republican Party was John Charles Frémont, who ran and lost, and was criticized for supporting “feminism” and “socialist ideas”. Does that sound like a member of today’s GOP? Of course not. Does it sound like a Democrat today? Sure does. But during the early 20th century, largely as a result of the New Deal, the parties switched positions, with the Democrats embracing more socialist and progressive ideas, and the Republicans opposing them. But the South was last to change party names. That’s why the racists and bigots like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were originally Democrats but only later became Republicans. But many of the old Southerners never did switch and continued calling themselves Democrats, even though they hated Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and loved Ronald Reagan and both Bush’s.

    Because let’s be honest: Who is more likely to march in DC for civil rights for blacks: Democrats or Republicans? Thought so. And really now: Is your Republican party going to hold a rally supporting equal rights for blacks? Of course not; who are you fooling? The Republicans are today’s racists. So people like you can whine all you want and try to claim that your party stands for equality of blacks, but the rest of us know better. Yours is the party of the southern bigots. Just ask Jesse Helms.

    p.s. It’s really hard to even take your silly little blog seriously when you replace the names of people you don’t like with insulting pet names. That’s why I won’t bother reading any more of your “enlightened” ideas and why I won’t be back. I have plenty of other Republican blogs I read that are written by highly intelligent people who really do understand the issues, people who I have great respect for, even if I disagree with them. Yours isn’t one of them.

  3. OK, then ‘Jim’ don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    And really, let’s be honest, which party has been pandering and shouting racism for any reason so they can get their way? That’s a really great way to push for equality – by trying to sustain a protected status that any criticism can be deflected with one word. Yeah, the Dems are so for equality and everyone being treated fair.

    We do support EQUAL rights for everyone, but you don’t want that do you? You want “Equal, but some are more equal than others…”

    Go keep drinking the kool-aid.

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