The War On Fox Takes It’s First Prisoner

And apparently it’s CNN’s viewers.  Well the tremendously increased ratings must be coming from somewhere.  But let us not forget that according to Whoopi the White House, Fox isn’t news-news.  Apparently they are pusing an agenda. They can’t really be news!  They didn’t accept Dear Reader’s logo knee pads.

And really, don’t you think the White House has better things to do?  You’ve hit a new low when even the New York Times thinks the fight is petty.

2 thoughts on “The War On Fox Takes It’s First Prisoner”

  1. I’m pretty sure he’ll keep it up. It’s a way for him to make points with his base, who have been complaining about Fox having the audacity (of hope) to give *both* sides of the debate a chance to speak.

    Compared to CNN, MSNBC and all, they must seem pretty far right!

  2. Maybe Obama should simply go on Jerry Springer with Glen Beck so they can slug it out on air. That would probably appeal to most of his base. It’s almost like it’s a battle over ratings. Why should the prez care about ratings? GWB didn’t. He was too busy doing his job…

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