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Wow! I am so excited. I see that this blog has been visited by several people from The Daily Kitten. In addition to the people from the United States, I’ve had visitors from the United Kingdom, the Neatherlands, and New Zealand. All I can say is thank you guys! I have gourmet coffee, nice vintage wine, and wonderful stinky cheeses for you all to enjoy. And without further adieu, the thing that brought us all together in the first place, pictures of kitties. Please leave comments, I publish everyone that isn’t a troll.

this is Ferrule giving the camera some love. Really, he likes to play with the camera strap.

And here is Emerson. Looking at the camera so he doesn’t have to put his face in the cat butt in the background.
More to come as I have time. Love you all!!

These 2 were very special ladies. They were farm cats that lived at my great-aunt’s place. They were sisters and always had their litters at the same time and would raise the babies together. This picture was taken in 1990. The lovely Meezer sisters had disagreed on where the babies would be. We spent the afternoon watching one mom carry them to the well house and the other carrying them back out to the barn. My aunt finally decided to shut them all in the well house so she could keep an eye on them. In answer to a question, both moms would nurse whatever babies latched on. You couldn’t tell which mom they belonged to. Pretty lucky kids I think.

8 thoughts on “Visitor Appreciation”

  1. Aww your furry ones are very adorable meezers! We woulds like to invites them to join our campaign to rule the world.


  2. HI Jennifer,
    You are one pretty lady!! What on earth are you holding in that picture-flasks? Mmmmm… what could be in those?

    It’s very nice to have you as a TDK friend.

    Love, Max, Molly and Mom (Jimmie)

  3. Oh thanks Jimmie! Imagine me blushing. Yes, they are flasks. This was from my best friend’s wedding. There is vodka in one and scotch in the other.
    It’s very nice to have you as a TDK Friend as well.
    Jennifer aka MeezerMama

  4. Jennifer,

    Another TDK friend here. Love your babies and the random thoughts coming out of your head.

    Love ppearson in KY
    Gracie, Thierry Henry and Emma

  5. Hey, Jennifer, the kittys are adorable and looks like you sure were having fun at the wedding. It’s good to be able to see a face to go with the words I read. Best of luck in all you do.

    Glad to have you as a TDK friend.

    Love, hugs and purrs, Lynn

  6. I love your pics and I. too, love your thoughts.
    I’m happy to call you TDK friend. And I hope you don’t put me on your troll list.LOL
    Purrs and headbonks from me and the boys.

  7. Hi MeezerMama! I love your comments and I could help but think “We are Siamese if you please…..” when I saw the picture of the lovely sisters. It’s nice to be one of your TDK friends.

  8. Hi,MeezerMama!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent blogs;you have trenchant observations on our culture and society(‘specially liked your response to health article!)I am leaving scrumptious kitty treats for your adorable me-me-me’s. *gives them ear scratches* Thanks for being our friend @ TDK,Jennifer!

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