Whoa! Airborne Swine!

The big O, not the one in the White House, is going to interview Sarah Palin.

On Monday, November 16th, Sarah Palin will be on the Oprah Winfrey show to interview about her new book, Going Rogue: An American Life.

Heads are now exploding across the nation.  Mine’s a little spinny actually.  I’m not a fan of Oprah’s.  That’s actually putting it mildly.  I have to make a conscious effort not to rip her magazine off of store shelves and dance on in the frozen foods section.  But then I would have to purchase it from my local retailer and clean up my own mess because it just isn’t right to take out my frustration on a local businessman.  I’m not a liberal after all.  So I just roll my eyes instead over all the self-adoring covers.  I don’t watch her show out of risk of aneurysm.

Liberals must be suffering a similar conflict.  They flock to every product she endorses (even presidential candidates).  They follow her book-club.  And yet they abhor all things Sarah.

If only we could harness the power of all the heads spinning on November 16th, we could solve the energy crisis without drilling!  Oh wait.  Maybe the Hillbuzz guys have informed Sarah of a new source of natural gas.  According to them, Oprah’s is legendary.

3 thoughts on “Whoa! Airborne Swine!”

  1. Here’s Oprah’s motivation, plus what I think people should do about it!

    Hey Folks!

    Do we really want to give Oprah a ratings BOOST? That allows her to get more money for her advertising time!

    Watch the Sarah Palin interview on YouTube, or TIVO, or taped by a friend,….watch it anyway that will DENY Oprah the RATINGS she craves to Boost!

    “OW must need the ratings.” – from McNorman blog spot (just type McNorman in your Mozilla Foxfire browser web site address bar space.)

    McNorman is 100% correct about that!

    Oprah Hopes Palin has the Right Stuff to Win Back Viewers

    by Lisa de Moraes, The TV Column

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Oprah Winfrey, on a campaign to climb back from last season’s ratings slump, will attempt to kiss and make up with conservative viewers on Nov. 16 when she has Sarah Palin on her syndicated talk show .

    You may have noticed that the appearance by the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate is happening smack dab in the middle of the November ratings derby.


    (Last month saw Oprah the Winfrey’s
    TV show have the lowest viewer ratings in its entire 28 year run.)

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