I Am Mom

I am far more dangerous than the pistol on my hip.

Because I am Mom.

All mothers are dangerous.  There are reasons they tell you not to mess with a bear cub.  Mama Bear is more dangerous than her teeth and claws.  Those things are only tools.

She would still be dangerous if you removed everything sharp from her.  She is dangerous because she is passionate about protecting her young.

A mother’s senses are never more heightened than in situations where her children are involved.  She will never be faster or more precise than she will in defense of her cub.  She will sacrifice herself for the cause.  Nothing. Else. Matters.

I did not choose to become so dangerous.  No mother makes that choice.

But many mothers make the choice to aquire the best tools and skills to protect their young.  That is why there is a pistol on my hip.

Because I am Mom, and I am dangerous.

5 thoughts on “I Am Mom”

  1. the only weapon that Man(general non-sexist term) has is the Mind! everything else are just tools that make the job easier.

  2. You are dangerous because you are Mom. You have decided that that danger will be deadly, if need be. We need more of you.

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