Class Day Today!!!! With Final Update

I’m currently sitting in the parking lot waiting for the gun range to open. We are taking our carry conceal class and test today. I got up early and fixed my hair and make-up. I girl needs to look good for a photo I’d that she’s going to carry for the next 5 years. So I’m wearing Versace to the range. It’s not the first time. I’ll update you on the break.
2:00pm update
Having lunch now. The class has been interesting. I was the first person finished with the written test. Scored a 100%. I’ve always been a good test taker though. Will update again after completing the range portion of the exam.
5:00pm update
We passed!! We passed!! Now we just need to get fingerprinted, send in our paperwork, and wait for the state. Time to start the countdown.
Final Update:
Well we are finally home. It was a long day, but it was certainly a good one. H&H Gun Range hosts a great class. They bring in an attorney to teach the legal portion of the class so that the students are able to ask any legal question they need to ask. That’s a nice benefit as we had some unique legal questions. Now we just need to turn this mess of paperwork and goofy pictures over to the bureaucrats to play with. I hope to get my license before I’m 30.

3 thoughts on “Class Day Today!!!! With Final Update”

  1. Wow! Nicely done! I haven’t been following dear so I don’t quite know what the license is for…but I’d say you aced it!!

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