Friday Fluff: Cat Fashion

Yeah, I’ve been negligent in my fluff posts and we’ve all been needing them.  Sorry!

Is your feline fashion forward?  Have you ever wished that kitty could coordinate with your newest frock?  Well wish no more!

Yes, United Bamboo is making ready to wear for Mittens.  Meeee-Ow!  Kitty Couture.

She’s to sexy for her collar.  Too sexy for her collar.  So sexy she hollars!

She’s too sexy for Milan.  Too sexy for Milan.  New York.  Not Japan.

She’s a Tabby, you know what I mean.

As she does her little turn on the cat walk.

Yeah on the cat walk.  On the cat walk yeah.

As she does her little turn on the cat walk…

Did you know that Tokyo has the world’s busiest cat modeling agency?  Me neither.  Didn’t realize there was a call for that sort of thing.

Could explain why Emerson is turning Japanese, he thinks he’s turning Japanese, he really thinks so.  I suppose I should tell him that at 12.5 pounds, his modeling career does not look promising.  And even though chicks dig scars, magazines don’t.

Wait!  That could explain everything!  He is Emo.  He’s depressed about his runway career.  I should have known.

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