Shoe Abomination

Noooooo!!!!!  Crocs made heels!  I don’t mean a beautiful croc heel like this one.  I mean a strange rubbery creation grown out of the hideous ubiquitous clogs.

I don’t really give a damn how comfortable they are.  My feet deserve to reside in beauty.  They make anti-fungal products for things that mold to your feet.

10 thoughts on “Shoe Abomination”

  1. I think we should pick up the very next pair we see at a garage sale, take them to the farm and shoot them. That would make me feel better. And there should be photographic evidence. Then I can prove that I killed them in self defense.

  2. My mother has as well.

    Thanks! That’s a Smith & Wesson 627 Performance Center. 8 shot .357 Magnum. The trigger is buttery smooth. I love it. The picture is kind of distorted, but I liked the effect.

  3. I don’t, yet. I just took my class on April 5th. Passed it. Met with an attorney on Monday to work through our paperwork. Now we need to visit the sheriff’s office to have our prints done and send off the paperwork. Once the bureaucrats finish with it, we’ll get our permits.

  4. That’s fine Jack. You can wear them if you like. Personally, due to the offense to my eyes (not to mention fashion sense) I could never be comfortable in them. But if you are, well then more power to you.

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