Sensible Shoes

I wanted to write you some great snarky post today.  We all know there’s plenty of material out there.

The weekend was busy and all choir stuff.  Rehearsal on Saturday and then the big Christmas Cantata on Sunday.  Got lots of compliments.  I believe this was recorded also.  I don’t have a copy yet.

And then last night, the damn tray tables jumped out in front of me and picked a fight in the hall.  I had to kick them.  It was a strategic blow delivered with only the little toe of my left foot.  Snap.  Owie! Owie!

But this morning the tray tables were standing in their assigned place without even a hint of picking another fight.  Guess I showed them. Since it is now acceptable to grade yourself, I’m giving myself an F.  You see, I apparently accomplished something which must be a fail in the new grading scale.

But alas, I am resigned to wearing very sensible shoes.

8 thoughts on “Sensible Shoes”

    1. They are actually my dance shoes from high school.
      Today I’m in Doc Martens. Like these. Tomorrow, it will probably be a red patent leather pair. With steel toes. I don’t know if they count as sensible.

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