It’s A Trap

So Dear Reader floated the idea of repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in his state of the union address. And it seems some action is even happening in that direction.  He’s doing this for two reasons.

1. He is throwing a bone to gay rights activists that have gotten angry with him for not moving on this sooner.  He’s looking for the easy points.  And with his approval rating sinking faster than the Dow Jones, he needs all that he can get.  The gay vote has been traditionally a safe Democratic voting block, and I find it very interesting that he’s chosen this moment to secure it.  Honestly, there is no real resistance to this move and he could have done it without so much fanfare.  Which brings us to…

2.  He is making a calculated move to divide Republicans.  With the tea party movement, the GOP has begun to see that we want them to be the party of small government, low taxes, and strong national defense.  That’s all.  And so Dear Reader’s handlers cleverly inserted a bit in his ‘oh poor me, saddled with Bush’s Fault’ speech that is sure to give the Huckabee segment the vapors.  Here we’ve worked so hard to clarify the image of keeping the government out of our business so he picks the one issue that a certain segment of Republicans do want to get their meddling fingers into, bedrooms.

Hey social cons, do the right thing.  Sit down and shut up over this one.  I don’t plan on seeking approval from you over what am and am not doing in my bedroom and neither should anyone else.  What are you so afraid of anyway?  Teh gay isn’t contagious.  And who are you to tell some patriotic man or woman that they can fight and risk dying for our country, but it damn sure better be an opposite sex loved one that wraps their arms around them when they come home safely?  Or worse yet, if they don’t?  Who are you to tell their partner that you won’t give them the honor of receiving that carefully folded flag because they had to keep their life secret?  You’d rather expel highly talented soldiers than see a scantily clad man adorning the locker of another man.  Grow up.  Maybe, just maybe, if you’d get your Puritanical views out of the way of actual governmental responsibility, we could convince more people that Republicans aren’t hypocritical evil ogres.

Look around.  This isn’t about gays in the military anyway.  They are already serving.  I’m betting most of their fellow soldiers know their big dark secret.  We train these men and women to trust each other with their lives.  I’m betting they trust each other with their orientation as well.  This is a calculated attempt to cause a division within Conservatives.  They are betting that a certain faction will spend every dime of their political capitol fighting an uphill battle that will only serve reinforce the image of the hateful Republican.  They are hoping to use this to frame every argument coming from the right in the same light.  Instead of not wanting the health care albatross because we can’t afford it, it will be because we hate people without insurance.  Just like the gays.

Don’t give them the ammo.  They are setting up a minefield of distractions.  Don’t lose focus.  Whatever your morality, it is not the government’s place to impose it. They’ve worn out the accusation of racism to the point it is meaningless.  Now they are trying to raise the flag of homophobia in it’s place.  Next thing you know, everyone will point to their one gay friend to prove their tolerance credentials.  Personally, I don’t pick my friends based on any kind of affirmative action quota.  Also, I don’t ask that they hide who they are in order to be worthy of my company.  I don’t need to prove that I’m inclusive by taking inventory.  I would not cheapen my relationships to the point where anyone might think they were just my token _______ (fill in the minority/orientation/political affiliation/religion du jour) friend*.

*I have made reference to my recovering liberal friend.  It’s a little joke between us.  We were friends long before we had picked political sides.

Edited to add: Labrat won the internets on this issue

And again: Robb Allen’s 2-cents

10 thoughts on “It’s A Trap”

  1. +1!

    I will say though that when I was in (back in the days of iron men and wooden ships) most of the gays in the Navy kept quiet about it.

    I will guess the main reason was that they would have been kicked out if they told the wrong person and were reported, but there are also bigots in every service and living on a ship is tight quarters to have hostilities.

  2. My difficulty openly homosexual men and women in the military is the argument that is made to further “the cause.” Specifically, that service in the military is a right.

    No, military service is not a right, it is a privilege.

    To make the privilege of military service a “right” is opening the door to all manner of special interests to claim a right to military service.

    The barrier to openly homosexual people serving in the miliatary is based upon behavior: what behaviors would you suggest preclude an individual’s service in the military? Where is the line?

  3. “The line is where it impacts an individual’s ability to perform the task at hand.”

    A very broad defense of special interests claiming a right to military service.

    Simplistic and intellectually dishonest: certainly it is the case that you can imagine a particular behaviour which would preclude someone from military service…even though they are able to perform the “task at hand.”

    1. And so it is better for the code of conduct for a soldier to lie? Indeed, it is a privilege. But why should their homosexuality bar them? We’ve already got homosexuals serving with honor and yet keeping a barrier up to their fellow soldiers.
      Certainly there are behaviors that would preclude someone from serving. And I absolutely agree with discharging people due to infidelity in their marriages because they have broken an oath. Although on the surface it may not seem that their infidelity compromises their ability to perform the task at hand, it does because it undermines trust. If they cannot even honor an oath they made to a spouse, why should they be trusted to honor their oath to their country? The behaviors that preclude a person would be those that call their integrity into question. Love between 2 consenting adults does not make me question their integrity. Dishonesty does and yet we are currently ordering these people to be dishonest about who they are.
      Yes, the members of our military are and should be held to higher standard. But why would one committed relationship be protected and another be grounds for dismissal? What other ‘special interests’ are you so afraid would want to be part of the military?

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