Remember That 2009 Challenge?

Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too.  I kept working out (mostly).  I just didn’t measure or weigh in.  Guess I just got tired of seeing the same numbers every week.  I bore easily.

And then I stepped on the scale yesterday morning.


Whoa!  When did that happen? That’s only 2 pounds away from my original goal.  Huh? Suppose I should take measurements and see what happened there too.

I mean, that’s pretty cool and all, but I really wish I had kept up with tracking it.  Oh well.

And according to some internet BMI calculator, I’m healthy at 21.0.

So, for reference on many of those pictures on TheHolsterSite, most of them are me.  I’m 5’4″, 122lbs and I can hide a 5″ 1911.

3 thoughts on “Remember That 2009 Challenge?”

  1. Well, I fell off and got back on again and now have been back at it for a solid month.

    Weight – 248, so that’s going well

    Waist – From 44 to a 38.

    Not even close to my goal, but closer than I was.

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