Happy Birthday Kiddo

Dear Isaac,

Ok, so I guess it really a mommy-blogger thing to write letters to your kids on your blog, but that’s alright.  I’m a mom; I’m a blogger.

We woke you up this morning shortly before your alarm went off in an attempt to torture you to sing to you.  You were clearly confused and kind of annoyed, but you managed to wrangle your groggy face into a smile.  But you’re 11 today, we get to annoy you.  It’s payback for all the gestational karate.

Birthday Morning

And then you pointed out to us that the good-for-nothing tooth fairy had skipped out on you.  Again.  Even after you had made the offer of letting her owe you one considering our household economic situation.  And even after being creeped out learning that your parents have a special tooth fund.  Just wait until you learn our plans for all those discarded teeth!  Mwahahahaha! At least you didn’t have to leave a note this time.

Tooth-Fairy reminder

So, we cheated and traded cash for the tooth right there in front of you.  And to me, it was still way better than the time you caught me creeping around in your room to do the tooth fairy’s work.  I suppose the magic is gone, and we can just treat it as a business transaction now.  Sigh.

I could wax poetic about where all the time has gone and how quickly you’ve grown up, but I’m not really that type.  And honestly, I like spending time with you way more now that you don’t crap your pants.  Lots more.  You’ve gone from eating pages of the Victoria’s Secret catalog to carrying around so many library books that I worry about your spine.  We can talk about zombies and guns and all sorts of things.  And dude, silver medal in air rifles, way cooler than any infant.

Silver Medal

You can do laundry and dishes and even clean the occasional toilet.  You’ve helped your dad with holsters and several dinners. You’ve developed an insatiable appetite for bacon.

Sure I enjoyed the sweet little baby you once were, but I’d much rather hang out with you now.  I treasure the random hugs and snuggles that will probably become more rare as you get older.  I love your silly jokes that often make me roll my eyes.  I’ve developed a new appreciation for the art form of fart jokes.

Soon you’ll start paying more attention to the girls and caring how you smell.  Ben 10 will cease to be the coolest thing ever.  And mom and dad will start losing cool points faster than I lose earrings.  But for now, you’re really fun and seem to enjoy hanging out with us.  It’s a good time in life.

I like the person you are becoming.  You are kind and thoughtful.  You jump to the aid of your friends when they need you.  And you aren’t afraid to speak your mind.  You make new friends easily and forgive old ones readily.  You have a thirst for knowledge beyond what they teach you in school.

I’m proud of you, Isaac.  I don’t tell you that often enough.  Happy Birthday.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kiddo”

  1. Happy birthday to Issac. Here are three pieces of advice my dad gave me as I grew up.

    Three pieces of advice my dad gave me as I grew up:

    1 – Be nice to those you meet as you climb the ladder of success because you’ll sure meet them on the way back down.

    2 – Every man is SOB until he proves himself otherwise

    3 – Do what you love and the money will follow.

    No truer words have ever been spoken.

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