Careful Out There Today

Today is the day that all law-abiding gun owners will collectively lose their minds and begin shooting the moment they cross the invisible barrier between national parks and everywhere else.  As someone who has passed the sheriff’s background check, the OSBI’s (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) background check, the FBI’s background check, I intend to avoid any national parks so as to avoid the creeping insanity.  I would hate for today to be the day that I break my non-murdering streak.

Thank goodness the law requires me to remove my firearm before entering a school! Just think about the carnage that’s been prevented by limiting the freedoms of all those dastardly permit holders.


5 thoughts on “Careful Out There Today”

  1. Ah, but you’re discounting the effect of the federal-land-emanations that affect the brains of all who cross that border; undoubtedly a byproduct of the alien tech stored at Area 51. Which is probably why those gentle cougars and bears occasionally nut and eat people.

  2. I thought about a national park today and suddenly I started to get tunnel vision and could feel my pulse pounding in my head as the rage built.

    Then I thought about three more years of Obambi and started retching.

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