Friday Fluff: Darwin Edition

Every day, people exit the gene pool.  Once in a while, someone decides to do it in a spectacularly stupid fashion.

A man crashed his car into a power pole.  Car accidents involving a car and a stationary object happen regularly too, generally leaving the driver of said vehicle feeling pretty stupid.  And this was no different.  The car accident did not kill him.  In fact, he escaped unharmed and called a relative to pick him up.

While he was waiting, he heard nature’s call and chose to relieve himself there on the side of the road.  On a power line.  A live power line.

Deputy Pimentel says that Messengers’ family found him electrocuted in the ditch when they arrived, and burn marks indicated that Messenger’s stream of urine brought a shocking jolt of electricity up his…

Yeah.  Wow.

I swear.  I did not make this up.  Here’s the link.

When you see warning labels on things, remember that they were probably written for this guy.  And also, this guy’s vote counted just as much as yours.  Now that he’s gone, it will probably count twice.

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