Meet the New Infidel Barbie

She’s dressed in her trademark stilettos and mini skirt and delightfully burqa-free! Her tiny waist and impossible proportions stand at the ready to destroy Iranian culture. And the greatest insult of all is that she is coming unaccompanied since her separation from Ken.

For a limited time, Barbie is packing extra special accessories for her mission in the Middle East. Instead of her usual pink convertible, she’ll be driving a spunky Humvee. In a special partnership with Sanrio, Barbie’s trendy purse will be replaced with one of these.

Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

She’ll be wearing her traditional Jihad inducing halter top, and as always, decorated with the special Chinese lead paint.

(hat tip to Instinct)

3 thoughts on “Meet the New Infidel Barbie”

  1. I just wandered into your blog while browsing and this is hilarious! Exactly what I was thinking my little girl needed for her birthday next month. Thanks for the tip!

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