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Ok, so I’ve actually had the new camera for a week now, but I’m just getting around to writing a post.  Here she is.  A new Nikon Coolpix P80.

She had to take her own self-portrait ala MySpace/Facebook etal.

Pretty nifty camera actually. I’m still learning how to use all the features. Picked this one up at our local pawn shop for a pretty decent deal. The best way I have found to describe it is like the Nikon people decided to design their DSLR with a fixed lens. It is decidedly not a point and shoot. But I can take great close-ups of birds.

With that attitude, I’m not sure he wanted me to take his picture. Either that or he should be a model for Ralph Lauren. I think he’s challenging me there. He knows bird-fu.

I’ve got some fun shooting pics and pics of Michael’s new gun and lots of random pictures. Hopefully I will conquer the learning curve and be taking some worth while shots soon. For now, here is a slideshow of some random shots.

And another of our critters just because.

3 thoughts on “New Camera”

  1. I am by no means a great photographer, but I do have one thing I can share. By trial and error, I learned of one mistake you seem to share: The need to center things. I’m compulsive about it, and it can ruin an otherwise fantastic photo. Get your shot lined up, then angle it a bit, get things off center. It gives your subject more perspective.

  2. Cool. Any lag time? Some of the compact point-and-shoots have a lag time between pushing the button and the actual shutter release.

    The hardest thing for me to figure out was the aperture or f-stop setting… the smaller the number (because it’s a fraction, like f/2), the larger the opening. The larger the number (like f/16), the smaller the opening (but it results in a greater depth of field).

    The great thing about digital shots is they’re free. Shoot all you want and throw away the bad ones.

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