The Healthcare Bill

The Average American has a much better breakdown that I could provide. Honestly, I couldn’t get through the breakdown of it before my head started to spin and daggers were shooting out of my eyes.

Here’s my synopsis:
More taxes! Medicare Cuts! More regulation! Don’t worry about a panel deciding when they are going to unplug Grandma, they won’t plug her in in the first place. And hospice? Yeah, cutting that too. Wanna get a private plan? Taxed. Invest in a small business? Taxed.

If you really want good healthcare, become a drug dealer undocumented pharmacist.  That way your income will be off the books. The investment in your home business won’t qualify for the additional tax. And it can be assumed that you aren’t selling major brand pharmaceuticals. Just don’t expect your *ahem* employees to have a tan.

Oh right. That deduction you have been able to take for medical expenses? Gone. I will be the first one to tell you that there was room for reform before. It was a heavily regulated system masquerading as a free market system.

This bill has absolutely nothing to do with health or care and everything to do with control. It’s a thinly disguised ploy to bankrupt the people and make everyone dependent on the government. When you control the health of the people, you control the people.

12 thoughts on “The Healthcare Bill”

  1. Ya know, I’ve been unemployed since November. It hasn’t been easy, especially as I was denied unemployment compensation on a technicality. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed. Been working on our business, making it really provide for us.

    I don’t know why I am bothering. Why should I? When I can quit now, and be taken care of until the money runs out?

    I wish I had it in me to be a leech.

  2. Stocked up on Ammo. Stocked up on Long Term Items. Working hard to maintain my own health. Good diet, Exercise, Bad Habits in Moderation. If you are going to depend on yourself, you better do it right. . .

  3. I am still stuck on wildly angry about the bill and I’m working hard to control my anger. The whole thing was done to ensure that the progressive left have their foot in the door on their real goal: a government controlled single payer system. You are entirely right: this wasn’t about real reform, it was just a step along the path.

    I’m not a wealthy man–I have a job and I pay my bills, but I’m never going to be rich–but I’ve worked my ass off for the things that I do have. I’ve worked and struggled and played by the rules so that I could make my life a decent one.

    The taxes and fees and government spending don’t just offend me because I think they are wrong and ultimately self-defeating, but also because they will materially change my standard of living over time. All the work, all the pushing, just so that I can ultimately be one of the minority of Americans who pay the way for the rest who are either not working or working directly for the government.

    The real pisser, though, is this: I won’t stop trying. I’ll redouble my efforts because I still believe in the promise and the dream of American life.

    That hill that I’m trudging up gets steeper every year, though. Not because of anything that I’ve done, but because government keeps tilting the field against those of us who carry the load.

    I still believe that most Americans are on my side, though. That they believe in hard work, free enterprise, and limited government that mostly stays out of our way.

    I still believe that.

    And I’m starting to feel like a world class fucking fool.

  4. And since only one side has been in the press, people who live in other countries actually believe those “30 million uninsured” would never receive any treatment, but be left to die on the streets.

    This is, then, an understandable error by France’s President. But Canadians should know better.

    For over four years, I was uninsured. Zero income. But fed once a day six days a week at a Church center, usually housed at a non-government shelter – and frankly had better health care than when I was employed and insured.

  5. Just remember, they have to control every facet of our lives for our own good.

    There’s something especially insidious about tyranny for the oppressed’s own good.

  6. Amazing. I don’t see much in the bill that actually indicates any improvements in health care. Which is something that should be wholly community based. What I do see is the creation of an enormous gov’t agency to manage this.

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