Live! Nude! Girls!

In the battle between keeping this corner of the internet generally family friendly and my raw capitalistic desire for it to fund all my adventures, I’ve decided to feature some nudity.  And live nudity too.  You’d be all creeped out if I showed you the dead kind. Hey, I’ve got firearms to feed.  Ammo is kinda spendy lately.

In the interest of internet niceties, NSFW pictures below the jump.

What?  Come on, she’s naked as a…well…jaybird.

You’re the one that clicked the link.  Do you own a calendar?

I’ve always wondered what made jaybirds specifically more naked than any other kind of bird.  I would think some kind of vulture would actually be more naked.  Why not some other animal?  I mean, naked as a mole rat would make sense.

And also, exactly how happy is a clam?  Hyena, now there’s a happy animal.  Always laughing….

You’re still reading. Hmm.  Maybe I should provide some actual content.  Or maybe I should go tip over Guam.

Nope, no content for you today.  Try again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Live! Nude! Girls!”

  1. Last time I had a visit from a jay, she was denouncing me from the old elm tree out front: apparently the lawn sprinkler was dousing her preferred perching zone.

    First couple of years I lived here, jays took over the yard. After that, they abdicated or something.

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