Voice Update and Holy Week Stuff

I finally got my voice back on Sunday morning just in time to sing for the Easter Cantata.*  (And promptly blew it out singing the cantata.  Naturally.)  And I do mean just in time.  We arrived at church at 6:30 am for the sunrise service.  The fifth graders in the congregation do the entire sunrise service each Easter.  My son is a fifth grader, so we came for the early service.  I have pictures to post later. Yes, I brought my camera to church.

After the early service, we were treated to a lunch put on by the church elders.  At that point, still croaky.  The 5th graders did a balloon release for the 8:15 and 9:15 services and did their level best to create chaos throughout the church building in between.

I got into my choir robe and  took my place at 10:30 behind the 24 piece (Wow!) orchestra.  Still wobbly in the vocal chords.  We went over a couple of places and then warmed up.  And then it was go time.  I’m a first soprano.  The one that is generally relied upon to hit that note hanging around somewhere near a high H.  (Fellow music nerds get the joke there.)  The rest of the choir has been known to call me ‘High C.’  Thankfully, I would not be alone up there on top of the treble clef for the cantata, but with the orchestra in front of us, we needed every bit.  And so the choir director was understandably concerned to have one of her large voiced sopranos out of commission.

I was pretty sure I could sing.  Not certain.  Not at all certain I could hold it together to the end.  But I made it!  Whew!  I don’t know whether or not anyone in the congregation would have known the difference with or without my contribution, but I really love performing these big pieces and would have been terribly disappointed had I not been able to do so.  I was disappointed enough at needing to sit out Maundy Thursday even though that did give me the opportunity to watch hubby reenact the  last supper and then serve our son his first communion.  Honestly, I’m glad I did get to sit where I had a much better vantage point than the choir for that.

Holy Week had special meaning in our household this week.  We actually started with the week before Palm Sunday when the 5th graders made their confession of faith in front of the church.  And then Palm Sunday, we had the pleasure of watching our son’s baptism.  Maundy Thursday was the day of his first communion, and Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of watching my son actually serve communion and read scripture from the pulpit.  He’s really growing up.  I’m so very proud of him.  (Even if he does make jokes while distributing the blood of Christ.)

*The Catata was awesome.  There were recordings made.  I’m so anxious to hear it!  Maybe I’ll even share 🙂

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