Dirty, Dirty Weekend

There will be pictures later.


Wow!  I really didn’t mean that to sound like it does, but now I have to giggle.  This weekend was dirty in a totally G rated way.  I played in the dirt and planted a pot of hot.

What’s a pot of hot?  A big pot with a habanero plant and six jalapenos.

Also, I planted to pear tomato plants to go with the better boy and beefsteak that I planted earlier.  And I added an Albanian cucumber.  I’ve never grown cucumbers before.  Actually, I haven’t been especially successful with tomatoes or peppers, but I have high hopes this year.  The plants are looking great.  I even have a tomato guardian.  (He’s a big toad.)  Hopefully I can keep the kiddo and the dog from pestering the guardian.

The high winds on Saturday snapped the sweet basil off right at the ground.  I’ve got the remains in water currently.  It has perked up and will hopefully put out some new roots so we can replant it.

I got to go see my best friend and her 4 week old baby.  Nope, I did not catch the baby bug, but I did enjoy the opportunity to hold an infant again.  Even got the giant baby belch right in my ear.  My kiddo can certainly handle the belching all on his own at this point in life.

We also went around showing off a couple of new holsters.  There should be some new pictures coming up on the holster site shortly along with a major announcement!  Keep checking, it will be big news.

So that was my weekend.  How was yours?

4 thoughts on “Dirty, Dirty Weekend”

  1. I need to get all my plants in the ground. I’ve got about 300 tomatoes (yes, don’t ask…), plus a TON of cicurbits (cukes, squash, melons), a boonch of peppers, and about 400 flowers, almost all of which are ready to go in NOW.

    Assuming the dog doesn’t like garlic or hot sauce, mix up a solution of the cheapest garlic powder you can find, Sriracha sauce, and just enough water to make it sprayable, then douse the plants in it. It washes off fine, and it’s a great deterrent to garden pests big and small. We used that on everything last year, and literally none of my fruit/veg were lost to bugs or rabbits/tree rats.

    1. I have a weird dog. She doesn’t like tomatoes, so that isn’t a problem. But she loves peppers and all things spicy. Maybe that’s the chihuahua in her. Can’t spray with a hot sauce because that might actually encourage her to eat the things she would normally leave alone.

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