Nasa Proves It! There Is Life On Other Planets!

NASA has posted undeniable evidence of life on the largest planet in our solar system. And apparently, like us, these aliens love their SUVs. Also, there is a bovine like creature contributing to the global warming of Jupiter. Since we know their flatulence plays a major role in Earth’s climate change.

Here, in my head, we’ve got the scoop. For the first time ever and as an exclusive to my readers, we have a picture of these residents of Jupiter.


(via Hot Air, but the image is all mine)

7 thoughts on “Nasa Proves It! There Is Life On Other Planets!”

  1. You are totally mad. And I love mad. Will you be my friend? It has NOTHING to do with the scary gun in your header or anything… honest…

    I will absolutely be your friend. You have a BBQ sword and the way of the ninja–Jen

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