Uniquely Qualified

You know, I’m not sure why everyone seems to be so upset that Dear Reader is looking for whose ass to kick.  Honestly, it seems far more reasonable to believe he is trying to assign blame as opposed to actually solving a problem.  I guess someone explained that he needs a new whipping boy.  No one’s buying the Bush’s fault line anymore.

So he’s looking for asses.  And, frankly, I’m relieved.  This is something in which he’s actually experienced.  No really!

Exhibit A

From Studio 83
From Studio 83

And B

From Dan Egerus
From DANEgerus

And look!  He found one!

from Blue Over Blue
from SodaHead

See?  He’s good at looking for asses.  He even finds them!  Granted, we don’t have any evidence of him kicking asses, but right now, he’s just looking.  Just imagine if we’d sent the other guy out for asses instead.

from Phoenix New Times
from Phoenix New Times

Like I said, uniquely qualified.  It’s not like we’ve got Bill Clinton running around chastising people for adultery or anything silly like that.

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