Or, it takes one to know one.  Or maybe two.

Michelle Malkin is covering the newest OMGWTFBBQ Controversy Du Jour regarding Sarah Palin.

Because we all know that several of the candidates she supported only succeeded because Sarah’s got a great rack.  Hell, twisted at that particular angle, I’d look like I have a great rack.  ( I don’t.)  But of course the left just can’t handle the fact that she’s got tits and brains and a recently functioning uterus.  That, and those boobs have been used for more than supporting her sweaters.

Too subtle?

She has used them to feed all those babies she didn’t kill.

And since there’s nothing else newsworthy going on, the media will make boobs out of themselves.  So, just another day at the office.

One thought on “Boobs!”

  1. “She has used them to feed all those babies she didn’t kill.”

    Yep. They’ll never forgive her for that. (Not that she gives a ruddy rat’s rear.)

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