The Weekend in Pictures

Driving down to the campsite

As you can see, our regular campsite has a new crop.  Acres of beer.  Well–potential beer anyway.  It is wheat, it waves, and does indeed smell sweet.

Interesting growth

Found this very interesting tree while hiking.  It had grown into a nearly 90 degree angle.  Hubby says it looks like it is flexing a muscle.  Probably trying to intimidate a tree hugger.

Then we came upon a threat.  Really, they were coming right at us.

Thankfully we were ready for them

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of us taking them out with the Federal Hydroshocks.  I was far too busy reloading and breaking out with some kind of redneck yell.  Wouldn’t have been much of a picture anyway.  Those particular melons were vaporized.

We had a great time.  The kiddo was exhausted but happy.

You would be right in assuming that there is some sort of mischief planned in those eyes.  Don’t let those freckles fool you.

And then there’s me

The crispy one in the bunch.  Must be due to global warming.

7 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Very nice! It doesn’t look like it was nearly as hot as it was in your photography, though. I don’t care what anybody else says, those watermelons had it coming!

  2. For the record–it was hot. Very hot. It rained after we went to bed though. That made it nice in our tent at least. We actually had to cover up because it cooled off so much.

  3. Watermelons are dangerous, I know.

    One time while I was walking along, minding my own business I had three watermelons jump out and try to mug me.

    Lucky for me I had my 9mm Browning on me and I managed to drop two of them right away. The third one tried to run so I shot it in the vine and then walked over and said to it “Do you feel luck, punk? Well, do you?”

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