Friday Fluff: Renown “Lady”

So we were browsing eBay looking at pipes.  Because that’s what every married couple does when their kid is out of town with his grandparents and they have the whole house to themselves.  I’m telling you the juicy stuff people.  (Maybe.  I like to pretend that this is a family friendly site sometimes.)

But none of that is the interesting part.  No, what is interesting is that we found this:

Renown Lady
Renown "Lady"

Now I’m impressed with the obvious talent here.  But what makes her a “lady” in quotes?  I think I might know.  Here, look more closely.

Look closer
Look closer

Look familiar?  How about now?

That’s right!  The renown “lady” is none other than Aston Kutcher in drag!

Update: Don’t know why the pictures vanished from this post. They should be back now.

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