Um Weird

I’ve been suffering with this weird pain for the last few days.  It feels like I pulled a muscle.  Which would be completely normal for someone as accident prone as I am, but it’s a strange muscle and I can’t figure out how I possibly could have pulled it.

It’s the muscle on the right side of my jaw.  It’s even kind of swollen.  I’m afraid to ask the internet how this is possible.  I know how the internet thinks and we are pretending this is a family friendly site.  And yet, I go to Google anyway.


Apparently, you can pull a muscle in your face.  Guess I was grinding my teeth.  I’ve had issues with TMJ for years too.  Ah what would we do without Dr. Google?  But hey, it gives me a chance to add a random injuries category.  I’m sure it will have plenty of content.  In fact, there are already some posts that belong there.

See what I did there?  I don’t really have anything meaningful to write about today and so I directed you to old stuff.  It’s because I love you all so very much.

3 thoughts on “Um Weird”

  1. Yep, it is possible to pull a jaw muscle. But it is also possible for zoster – shingles – to start in the face. Get Micheal to make a really close inspection for a chicken pox appearing rash.

    If there is anything suspicious – head for the doctors. If you catch it early enough, you can greatly reduce the duration and the pain.

    And if you delay, well, it’s not much worse than getting flogged.


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