Obama’s Temper

Everyone goes on and on ad nauseum about McCain’s famous temper, but we don’t hear much about that of the Obamessiah Hopechange. The media’s golden boy can do no wrong. And yet, we’ve all seen him jump to conclusions. (Honestly, can anyone show me where he referred to the Obamessiah? Methinks it is a guilty conscience speaking there.) And now we see him lash out when asked about his obvious preference for raving lunatics over a US general.

Q: Can you respond to McCain saying you’re more willing to meet with Ahmadinejad than with General Petraeus?

BO: You know, I don’t have a — you know, that’s just a, you know, a typical sarcastic comment that doesn’t have anything to do with the substance, and is patently untrue since I just saw General Petraeus when he was testifying in Washington.

Q: He’s saying outside of those meetings on the Hill, you would not set up your own meetings with General Petraeus, never attempted to meet with him?

BO: And I haven’t – look, it’s just a flippant comment, it’s not designed to actually talk about substance. It’s a political comment that doesn’t get anywhere.

And the great orator becomes flustered.

Bu…bu…but…you aren’t working off the approved media script! It’s a distraction! This conversation isn’t good for my kids.

At 29 years old, I know I’m supposed to be one of the starry-eyed followers of the Hopechange movement, but I’m just not fooled. I don’t want our next president to be Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor only works in fairy tales. I don’t want government run health care. I’m an intelligent person and really do believe that I can make better decisions about what to do with the money I earned than some bureaucrat pencil pusher can.

Fine, go have a nice little chat with Ahmadinthehead. I don’t care. Of course I hope he doesn’t decide the Obamessiah is an apostate and change the direction of the little meeting. (Yeah, I know Obamessiah is a Christian, but as a child you take on the faith of your parents and in Iran that means your father since wives are only property.) It is not like there is anything to offer that hasn’t been offered before. But maybe if you ask nicely, he’ll suddenly decide that he doesn’t want to wipe Israel off the face of the planet but send them cookies instead. Everyone will fly kites and it will look just like a Michael Moore crockumentary.

It might be nice if he would take McCain up on his offer to go to Iraq with him. Maybe a tour guided by a genuine veteran would show him a different view than that of his liberal cohorts. Since even Al Qaeda knows that it has lost Iraq. Psst: The Surge is Working! Not that the news has noticed. But Sen. Hopechange avoids every situation in which he might be asked a difficult question.

Ah but old ‘free-press’ is dead. Traditional media is in bed with the left and hemorrhaging readers every news cycle. News no longer exists in ink and paper but in pixels and electrons.

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